Santa Banta Pvt. Ltd. Movie 6th & 7th Day Box Office Collection Total Earning

Santa Banta Pvt. Ltd. Movie 6th & 7th Day Box Office Collection Total Earning :- I think movie like Santa Banta may deserve something but only when they have something to entertain and if I talk about people live review than I can say that nobody loving the movie and everybody is talking about this without script old boring drama movie people coming out of cinemas after interval and that showing how bad this movie going.

Santa Banta Pvt. Ltd.

Well, if I talk about direction work than I can say that movie has not that much good direction and surely you feel bored during the movie also I think somewhere people have better option to watch in Hollywood, Tollywood and Bollywood and they don’t want to waste their money in this movie.

If I talk about the cast Boman Irani, Neha Dhupia,Vir Das and Lisa Haydon than I can say that the casting was also not that good they didn’t picked up good actors and that become the downfall here my meaning is all of the actors are not good for script and they have to find some new and good actors who can suit but I think they didn’t.

Santa Banta Pvt. Ltd. Box Office Collection

Second day box office collection of the movie-

Well, second day box office collection is not that good movie collected between only 1.23 Crore from the very second day of release and that is kind a shocking because very first day of release movie collected between 4.00 Crore because people thought that they going to be entertain but after seeing the reaction of people surely I can say that movie has nothing good.

Also if I talk about the overall performance of the movie than I can say that movie barely going to do any performance in upcoming days and the reason is movie has not enough buzz and I am sure that the movie going to be failed in collection.

Because of boring story plot I don’t think this movie going to make sense somewhere and I can say that this movie going to be bad deal for the makers and I am not sure that they going to make any profit from it in upcoming days even I can predict that this movie going to be flop in cinemas.