Sanyukt 14th October 2016 Episode Written Updates! Rahul gets tensed

Sanyukt 14th October 2016 Episode Written Updates! Rahul gets tensed :- Zee TV most delightful refreshing program, Sanyukt looks like an exciting enjoyable show, which gives the immense voltage potential that shifts to the Sanyukt followers.



Sanyukt 14th October 2016 Written Update

The official TV series Sanyukt certainly made to give goose bumps to the viewers with its never leaving dilemma way and notably the major crux of the program is to showcase in the freshest episodes that, JIla tells Rahul, that on the off chance that she does a reversal, she would get pitiful seeing him, and he might get furious seeing her and what issue has happened, has as of now been done, and they cannot make a move.

She says that this choice was exceptionally troublesome for her to take, however now that she has, she would stick to it. Rahul and others are strained. she solicits Rita to send in some from her garments, as she cannot wear Gayatri’s garments until the end of time. they get strained.

Where In the latest incident, Rahul tells that they are both right in their own special spots when Rita asks what’s ila’s blame. Rahul talks about with ila and niranjan, that they’re, In the yard, Rita and niranjan examine what ila did. while he bolsters govardhan.

Rita requests that him not think that way, as the spouse isn’t a slave to the husband. Rahul drives their consideration back to the subject and requests that them not battle amongst themselves, and rather concentrate on ila and govardhan. Rahul says that they are both right in their own particular spots when Rita asks what’s ila’s blame.

Rahul examines with ila and niranjan, that their greatest issue is that ila is staying independently from govardhan, and both are getting strained for the other and they ought to go and converse with ila, that she can go and meet inder for quite a while.

Be that as it may, she needn’t stay there at parimal. niranjan says that ila might never concur. she requests that he quit being negative. he says that it’s not cynicism but rather a reasonableness.

Rahul brings them back. completely hear intently.In their room, inder inquires as to whether his entry might make him feel remorseful, about doing this to ila. she requests that him not trouble.

He asks how wouldn’t he be able to, as she is staying at her child’s place and is making him stay here, rather than her own particular house.

ila quiets him down and tells inder that its actual that his landing brought on the strain on their relationship, yet their connection isn’t that debilitated, that it gets influenced by such little arguments. The screen solidifies on her strained face.