Shocking Twist! Sanyukt 16th September 2016 Episode Written Updates

Shocking Twist! Sanyukt 16th September 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The show starts with Ila asked Rahul and Sameer how sons they are as not going to meet their father, who meet with a heart attack. Ila asked them to met their father. Rahu asked her to not blame him for everything.


Ila says today she will not hear him and asked them to come. Rahul says why she is saying all this, despite knowing what she did to them. Ila says I have not finished yet. She told him that how he and Sameer forget what his father did for them and how he tried to ruin their family.

Ila shut Rahul and told him, if he and Sameer try to insult her husband then she will forget that they are his sons. Ila told them that if this is their thinking, then there is no place for them in the house. Rahul was tensed, and Sameer was shocked. They leave.

Later, at night, while Govardhan and Ila were discussing that how birds once learn how to fly never came back to the house and their family never want to reunite. Ila says their children need some time. Meanwhile, Govardhan receives a call from Police Station and Police inform him that Rahul is in jail as he was drunk and had an ugly fight with his landlord.

He asked Ila is she hiding something? Ila says yes, Rahul has lost his job and him hs not paid the rent for last two months. Govardhan asked Ila not to get tensed as he will get the Rahul on bail. Niranjan sits tensely and waits for Rahul to come back. Rahul returns with his family and Rita asked him to enter. Rahul says how could I came back, as I have left the house in ego. Rita says him not to think so, as parents don’t keep tabof things. Rahul thanks but Rita says Govardhan pays the bail of him.

Ila informed Rahul’s decision to Govardhan and asked Govardhan not to get worried. Govardhan thanks Ila for helping him for reuniting his family and think, how she managed to hold Rahul in this house. And, think she even earlier notices that something was going wrong between Rita and Niranjan.

On the other side, Rita and Niranjan were fighting, and Rita cries. Next morning, Ila went to does the puja of Tulsi and asked Lord Tulsi to keep blessing their family. Rahul wakes up and plays with Bijal and palak.

Ila saw Niranjan sleeping and found Rita cooking in a kitchen. She asked Rita why she prepared so much and told her that she would have asked her first before cooking. Rita felt bad and goes from there. Govardhan came there and asked what she told her. She remembers, and then says that she did become a mother In law today. The screen freezes on her tensed face.


In the upcoming episode,Niranjan and Rita have a huge fight yet again when she asks him if it’s a lie that he had an affair before marrying her, and wanted to marry her, and kept it hidden from her, and still secretively meets her. He frustratedly says that all allegations are true, he had an affair; he wanted to marry her, and also kept it hidden from her. Govardhan and Ila hear it from outside and are tensed and shocked