Sanyukt 18th October 2016 Episode Written Updates! Rahul is tensed

Sanyukt 18th October 2016 Episode Written Updates! Rahul is tensed :- Zee TV most super entertaining program, Sanyukt looks like an attractive interesting show, which gives the mass voltage potential that turns to the Sanyukt supporters.



Sanyukt 18th October 2016 Written Updates

The traditional TV series Sanyukt continually made to give goose bumps to the observers with its never pushed dilemma way and surely, the big crux of the show is to showcase in the new episodes that, the police come and coercively take Rahul away, while whatever remains of the family is apalled.

The specialize lets them know that he ought to be with Rahul at this moment. Later, Rahul is told by the examiner that he intruded with a pastor’s child and nephew and now he goes in for quite a while, in the slammer. Rahul is strained.

Where In the most recent scene, in their room, Gayatri and parimal, again the battle in their room, about his advancement that leads them to pune, moving the base from Mumbai, as he discusses how the property operator is getting them to look at pads this Sunday.

She lets him know that uday too doesn’t like it. she gets some information about relations, while he requests that she stop this dialog unequivocally,

As he cannot deny his prosperity and advancement, for the family. he says that he is taking an exchange and they are going to Pune. ila catches it cruising by, and they are apalled that she needed to know it along these lines.

While Rita and niranjan tensely watch on, the specialist checks Rahul, and proposes that it is not great. sameer and puja hold up tensely. the specialist says that the liver is wounded and its exasperated since the harm and he should be conceded however rehul denies and requests meds.

rita demands, extorting him in guardians’ name. Rahul is concerned of his telephone. sameer hurries to look at it, yet then gets a call from his number. Subsequent to recognizing himself, he gets strained in the matter of what he listens.

He tells the telephone is with the police, as they documented a FIR against him. they are stunned. the specialist requests that they concentrate on the circumstance.

As Rahul flinches in agony. they give him a painkiller infusion. they ponder whether to tell ila or not. The following day, ila is strained about primal’s transfer. they attempt and mozy her down

While she denounces them for taking such extreme measures for leaving. Gayatri says that she too does not need it. ila asks him to what extent has it been going on.

Parimal says that it’s simply some days back. ila inquires as to why was not she told. parimal says that Gayatri was requested that not advise her, dreading this response.

Ila gets emotional about it, in the matter of by what means would he be able to try and consider doing it. she says that the individuals who leave, their moms to cry that way.

He says that he is not doing this to leave from her. she requests that he confront her, and advise that he is not doing this to leave from them. he, at last, proclaims that he wishes to avoid govardhan.

Ila inquires as to why should she be rebuffed for their strained relations. he strolls off. Gayatri and ila stand strained. the screen solidifies on her crying face.