Epic Episode! Sasuraal Simar Ka 8th August 2016 Today Written Updates

Epic Episode! Sasuraal Simar Ka 8th August 2016 Today Written Updates :- The show stars with Simar saying that ” relationship that brought Roshni and Rohan in this world how it can be wrong? And it does not mean if you are going through a hard phase of your life that does not mean you run away from this relationship.


Sumit gets emotional and gets teary eyes and hugs Rita. Rita told him that I was thinking where to go if you would have given me a divorce. ? Sumit told Rita that just because of Simar, I forgive you just because of Simar.

Simar thanks, Rita and says in mind that She once again trying to pretend well. On the others die, Piyush was seen packing his bag, but Simar reached there and asked him that we are not leaving this house. Piyush told Simar that I ca not leave in the house, where my Mom is getting insulted. Simar thinks Piyush cares like Prem used to do for me.

Meanwhile, prem was on his way and he enters the Lucknow and says, Simar, I am coming. On the other side, Rita and Sumit went to the market and brought a lot of gifts for the kids. They even gave Piyush a ben 10 watch.

Rita says I am going to make coffee. Sumit gave Simar a chain as a token of thanking her. Simar denies, but children’s says Choti Maa take it. Summit helps Simar in wearing the chain and Prem watches all this and get dazzled.

At night, Piyush was measuring his height, Simar asked him to sleep. Piyush asked about his Dad, but Simar told him to sleep. Simar checks Prem’s photo and says ” can we give it another chance like Sumit and Rita? for our kids?”

Meanwhile, Prem reached his house and burns the picture of Simar and says now I will shave you out of my life.


In the upcoming episode, Simar opens the door, Its prem. He gives her divorce papers and says after this you will be happy in your life and I will in my life.