Prem & Piyush Fight! Sasural Simar Ka 12th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Prem & Piyush Fight! Sasural Simar Ka 12th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The show starts with Anjali was dancing and men say wow Doll. Simar told that men don’t you have shame? Simar asked Anjali what she is doing here and what she is wearing? Anjali told Simar that this is my life and why are you to interfere in my life?


Rohan interrupted and asked Anjali is this the way to talk to your mother? Anjali says I am just fulfilling my dream and now, I will not make the mistake again. Anjali asked Simar to go and asked Savant to resume the music as her dance performance was left.

Simar slapped Anjali and told her that you belongs from Bhardwaj family and our daughter never does all this type of things. Simar told her she will not let her destroy her life. Anjali became angry and was just about to slap Simar but Piyush holds her hand and warned her to not insult her mum.

Anjali asked Simar why are you in my life and what do you want? Simar says I am your mum and I want betterment for me. Simar asked Piyush to hold her hand and take her from here.

On the other side, Inspector Prem that Anjali must have gone Mumbai to become an actress. Khushi calls Savant but he did not pick up the call. Simar and Piyush took Anjali from a bar.

Khushi calls Savant and Sankalp notice her and asked whom you are calling? Khushi says to my friend because she is sick. Mataji says I am going to make sweets for Simar. Khushi and family member took Mataji to her room.

Prem told Inspector that he will leave for Mumbai. Simar came there and says not needed. Sankalp asked Anjali is she fine? Prem asked Anjali where she was? Anjali says its none of your business. Simar asked Anjali how you are talking? Anjali goes from there.

Simar told Prem that he should not have talked with Anjali in this manner. Simar and Prem argues. Prem blames Simar for the state of Anjali. Simar told Prem that she left Anjali with him and he did not manage to handle Anjali.

Prem shouts on Simar and Piyush along with Rohan came there and told Prem that it enough Prem Bhardwaj. Prem asked who are you? Piyush says your son.


Prem will say Piyush you told me other story and that means you are a fraud. Simar asked Piyush is this right Piyush? Prem says he is same like her mother and these both are not my family.