Simar is Dazed! Sasural Simar Ka 15th August 2016 Written Updates Episode

Simar is Dazed! Sasural Simar Ka 15th August 2016 Written Updates Episode :- Anjali is checking her dress and her friends comes. She asked please tell me what dress should I wear? Her friend told that where is your phone? Anjali says I don’t know where it is. Her friend says wear this one. This color suits you. Anjali recalled Simar when she said this red color suits my princess.


Anjali says I hate this color because it reminds me of that woman who I hate the most. Her friend asked you are talking about your mom? Anjali replied she wasn’t my mom. No mom leaves her children like this. I will always hate her.

Her friend asks to leave all that. My problem is bigger as I have to handle my mom and dad both. You just have to handle your dad. Anjali repled that at least they don’t interfere in your personal life. Her friend said I want their time and care.

Like your dad does. Anjali ask what really? Dad cares but his thinking and mine are really different. Her friend told you never tried telling him what you want? Anjali says that I want to become an actress? He will lock me in a room. I want to go to Mumbai but dad. If he could he would get me married by now. Thank God for KB only she understands me.
They hear the horn. Shania a says he is here.

Meanwhile, Simar finds Anjali’s phone and asked her servant to bring the charger. Then, Simar calls on a number and she shocked and dazed after listening to the voice of Mataji.

Mataji started saying Simar, Simar. My Similar. Even, Simar gets a pause for a while and she gets the tear in her eyes. Although, she disconnected the phone and think how this could be possible, that I called my home number.

She thinks about Anjali and says who is this girl? Then, she remains in shock for a while. Simar decided to find out the truth about Anjali.