Epic Twist Today! SSK Sasural Simar Ka 16th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Epic Twist Today! SSK Sasural Simar Ka 16th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The show starts with Simar asking Prem to check the cheque once. Prem checks it and saw Anjali’s name. Prem asked simar to don’t test his patience. Simar says do you even know what patience is? Simar says I have spent 16 years without my daughter and in all those years I always believed that my Prem Ji would never forget me, but you forget me easily.


Simar told Prem that you asked me to leave the house, I left it; you asked me to sign the divorce paper, so I signed, but now, I will not leave my daughter alone for a moment. I will fight for the custody of Anjali in the court. Prem tear the cheque and says no I will see how you will get the custody of Anjali.?

In the next scene, Khushi took Anjali to court. Anjali asked her why you have taken me here? Khushi told her you are now grown up, and this is the perfect time to realize that you can take control of your life. Meanwhile, Prem and his lawyer were there. Simar was there with Sumit, Piyush, and Rohan.

Judges asked Anjali with whom you would look to live your life? Anjali says neither with Dad and nor with Mom. Did Judge ask her why? Anjali says Dad is a trick, and I don’t want this woman to be the part of my life. Then, Anjali insulted Judges and told him that he is same as his parent, and she leaves. Judges asked Policeman to stop Anjali.

Anjali went in her car and left. Judges told Prem that I would like to get to the deep study of this case and announced that Simar would stay in Bhardwaj house till this case gets some result. Prem asked Judge to change his decision but soo; he received a call, and he says Where did she hit? Judge told him, maybe now he will understand why Anjali needs her mom?

Rohan told Simar that this time, we would not stop you from leaving because we knew you are going to meet your daughter. Simar told Rohan that Prem has never been alone without me even for a day, but I know you will take care of him. Piyush came there with the bag and told Simar that he has packed her bags and then, both they left for Bhardwaj house.

On the other side, Prem met Anjali and asked her how much insults he has to bear by her act? Anjali says I don’t regret what I told to judge in court. Prem says you will regret after knowing Judge’s decision. Prem informs her about judge decision.

Piyush and Simar reached outside Bhardwaj’s house. Piyush cries and says I don’t know how I will live without you, but I know Anjali needs you more than me. Simar hugs him. Meanwhile, Khushi and Anjali were talking. Khushi says Simar will not come to this house, and Anjali says I hope she will not come. Simar entered the room, and Khushi says, Simar.


In the upcoming episode, Mataji will say Simar you returned, and she hugs her. Mataji will say God sent her to me, and she asked Simar to do pooja in Temple. But, court people says according to rule you cannot do puja in the temple in this house.