#SSK Sasural Simar Ka 17th October 2016 Episode Written Updates Shocking Twist!

#SSK Sasural Simar Ka 17th October 2016 Episode Written Updates Shocking Twist! : The TV series Sasural Simar Ka is yet to showcases now that Khushi is in for a rude awakening as Maataji asks her to hand over the keys of the house to Simar. Her cry of protest is answered with a tight slap from her husband, Sankalp. Later, when Anjali disrespects Simar yet again, Prem puts his foot down and announces that he has decided to strike off Anjali’s name from the property papers.


Sasural Simar Ka 17th October 2016 Written Updates

The last week episode of the TV series Sasural Simar Ka begins with Prem asked Simar that why she is rude with Anjali and Simar asked to him that she doesn’t want to be rude with her but need to do so for the sake of the family.
Khushi tries to get support from Uma and Pari Bhabhi by giving them expensive jewellery but they denied supporting her as in order to stay in the Bharadwaj house they have to go for Simar. Khushi also annoyed to see that the family did not call her for lunch and Piyush also makes fun of her.

Khushi thinks to attract Uma and Pari Bhabhi anyway to her as in order to fight with Simar she needs their support. Mata Ji now announced that Simar will be the key holder of the house as she is perfect for this role.
Mata Ji also criticised Khushi by saying that she doesn’t deserve to be the bride of the house. Mata Ji after giving the keys asked Simar to do the Aarti and she did so. Khushi became angry to see Simar is getting much respect and she just then throws the Aarti Thaali.

The Bharadwaj family shocked to see so and Piyush rushes to arrange it. Mata Ji with panic asked the family that throwing Aarti’s Thaali is too inauspicious but Prem consoles Mata Ji. Khushi’s husband raises hands on Khushi as he was just unable to see the Khushi’s arrogance.

He also locked Khushi in a room but Anjali criticised and humiliated Simar for something which happened with Khushi as for Anjali Khushi matters to her more than Simar. Khushi keeps insulting Simar and Prem unable to bear get her out of the property.

Anjali and Simar both are now shocked to know the Prem’s decision and looked on. Prem looks angry now.
Precap: Mata Ji says karwa Chauth is coming. I want you to celebrate it, Simar. Khushi says I will kick Simar out of this house before Karwa Chauth.