#SSK Sasural Simar Ka 19th October 2016 Episode Written Updates Anjali will Expose simar!

#SSK Sasural Simar Ka 19th October 2016 Episode Written Updates Anjali will Expose simar! : The TV series Sasural Simar Ka is now yet to showcase that Prem and Simar will be keeping fast for each other on the ceremony of the pious festival Karva Chauth. Simar is too excited for the festival as it is after a long time she is all set to keep the Vrat of Karva Chauth jointly with Ram. Khushi asks Sankalp, her husband, to open the door as she is keeping Vrat for him by fasting. On everyone’s insistence, Sankalp opens the door reluctantly.


After getting out of the room, Khushi goes to convince Anjali about how she has always been loyal to her and Anjali actually agree with Kushi as till now she doesn’t like Simar anyway. Now Simar keeps the Savant’s number on the table for her to cross check. Pondering over Khushi’s words, Anjali calls Savant.

Sasural Simar Ka 19th October 2016 Written Updates

He obviously turns the game around and tells Anjali that it was her mother who asked him to lie about the issue, not Khushi as Savan also said that Simar is actually this kind of person anyway.

He praises Khushi, which makes Anjali fall for the trap and it is Savant actually speak as per Khushi and her words. Meanwhile, Jhanvi puts Prem’s name on Simar’s hand while applying Mehendi. Even though Prem doesn’t admit, but he too keeping fast for Simar as she is doing so.

Later, Simar and Prem share a romantic moment before the rituals of ‘Karva Chauth’. Now both of them celebrates Karwa Chauth and looked at each other to spend some happy moments together.

Precap: Simar asks Anjali what is happening. When I bought you these clothes you liked them but now why are you burning them. Anjali says dad she fooled us all. I will expose her anyway which makes the family worried.

Anjali also asked Simar that I hate you and I love Khushi as she is the only person of this Bharadwaj family who always supports me. Simar looks shocked with teary eyes and everybody looks panicked. Khushi smirks.