Simar Drinks Wine! Sasural Simar Ka 19th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Simar Drinks Wine! Sasural Simar Ka 19th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The show starts with Simar coming into the house. Everyone get dazed, and Mata Ji wakes up. Simar says Anjali daughter. Anjali says I am not your little girl, and I will kick you out of the house.The court person says no-one can ask Simar Ji to leave the house, don’t your father informed about the orders? Anjali says what kind of rules. Court person says there are court orders that you and Simar need to follow.


Prem stopped Anjali and told her that he hates Simar more than anyone, but we have to follow the court orders. Once, we will make the case then we she will go too far from us.

Mataji came there and said, Simar, you are back. Khushi says who took her out? Mataji Ji hugged Simar and asked her to do the Puja? The court person interrupted and informed Simar that you cannot use the temple of this house. Pari and Uma drag Mataji towards her room.

The court person informed Simar that there are certain rules that you need to follow. The court person told Simar that you would live in Anjali’s room and you will not be allowed to go to other rooms, temple and kitchen, you will eat what will be cooked, and you can ask whatever you want to eat.

The court men further added that except Anjali’s room you could go to dining room, leaving room and corridor. Also, you can only interfere in Anjali’s matter and other matter of family, you can’t even utter a word.

The Court man told Anjali that there are certain rules for you. Also, you have to obey what Simar will ask you to do, Anjali will have to take Simar everywhere she goes, Simar will drop and pick Anjali from her college and Simar has right to decide for Anjali.

Simar picks her luggage and moves toward Anjali’s room, and she was shocked to see not a single photo of her in the Bhardwaj house.

Scene 2

Piyush remembers Simar. Rita came there and told Piyush that how Simar can leave you and now, you are alone. Sumit came there and said Piyush is not alone, and this is his house too.

Sumit asked Piyush to join his company as he needs a sales manager. Rohan asked Piyush to agrees. Sumit asked Piyush to take time and decide.

Simar calls Piyush, and they talk. Piyush says I am good here but how are you. Simar says I am also good.

Then, reached Anjali’s room and saw Anjali talking over the phone. She asked Anjali to sleep, but Anjali turns up the volume. Simar puts cotton in her ear and slips. Anjali sleeps too, and Simar smiles.


Simar will call Jhanvi Bhabhi for bringing the water. Khushi and Pari laughs. Someone gave water to Simar, and she will find out that he was Prem. Simar will thank Prem. Prem says he would have done same thing for anyone.