Sasural Simar Ka 21st October 2016 Episode Written Updates! Prem kicks piyush

COLORS TV most awesome marvelous program, Sasural Simar Ka looks like an outstanding dramatic show, which gives the amplified voltage potential that shifts to the Sasural Simar Ka supporters.


Sasural Simar Ka 21st October 2016 Written Update

The regular TV series Sasural Simar Ka typically made to give goose bumps to the spectators with its never stopping dilemma door and through the obvious crux of the show is to showcase in the current episodes that, Simar says I would just drink water frame Prem’s hand. it’s my karwa chauth quick. Piyush holds prem’s feet and says I beseech you please make her eat something. Prem kicks him and says you can’t trick me once more. Specialist says her condition is compounded she needs to eat. Piyush says mama please eat father won’t come.

Where In the latest incident, Simar says I came here for Anjali and Piyush for me. That is all we needed. I don’t know how his name went ahead of the papers. Anjali says you think anybody would believe you?

By what method would you be able to be so absurd. I am embarrassed you gave me birth. Piyush says mind your dialect. My mother needsn’t bother with cash she has me.

Prem says quiets down. Prem tries to hit him. He says escape this house. Mataji says what’s going on with you. this is your significant other and this is your child. Prem says no she is not my better half. Furthermore, this child.

Now and then you need to toss ill will out of your life to keep illness away. For some days I thought my scorn for you is unreasonable yet now it is ten times more.

Piyush says gives up mama. It’s enough. Simar says I came here with a trust. God can’t disillusion me. She is crying. Piyush says gives up mama, nothing is gone out.
Simar says to Prem I thought you may have changed. Presently you can see wrong and right yet I wasn’t right. Indeed, even today your judgment is as feeble as it was 16 years back.

I am leaving and this is not my thrashing since God never gives truth a chance to lose. The truth will win. Try not to think this is the end. This is only a farewell. Khushi says in heart you had a go at upsetting me? Simar grasps Piyush’s hand and is clearing out.

Mataji says stop. I will run with them too. Rajhinder says, however, mama.. Mataji says don’t stress Prem I won’t request that you change your choice. I am letting you know mine. I am going out with them.

Jhanvi says Prem please stop Mataji she is going. Sankalp says stop Mataji prem, please. Amar says please prem. Mataji ventures out with Piyush and Simar.

Prem says stop Mataji. Prem says you know I can’t release you far from my life and this house. Mataji says yet I won’t live in this house without simar and Piyush. Prem says I know and on account of you I will endure them in this house.

Khushi says, however, Prem, Prem says they will live here. He goes to his room. Mataji says to Piyush go to your home. Khushi says this oldie demolished my diversion. Rajhinder invites them.

He says you don’t need to be a cook, you will be our Piyush. Amar says you cook and act well. Everybody grins. Mataji says Simar come in. Simar swoons. Jhanvi holds her. Amar says let call the specialist. Khushi says to begin the commencement, Simar.

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