Prem Massages Simar Head! Sasural Simar Ka 23rd September 2016 Written Updates

Prem Massages Simar Head! Sasural Simar Ka 23rd September 2016 Written Updates :- The show starts with Piyush was confuse whether he should call simar or not? Roshni comes in and asks you didn’t rest? He says I actually miss mama. Roshni says would you say you are alright? He says I feel so alone I trust she is alright. Roshni says don’t stress regardless of the possibility that anybody is with you, I am constantly here for you. Piyush expresses profound gratitude Roshni.


During the evening, Simar takes a gander at Anjali resting. She reviews her adolescence. She reviews Anjali’s conduct. Simar says you are so old now yet at the same time the same. I needed to place this pad alongside you in youth also. I was so cheerful when the first time I saw you when you were conceived. You held my finger. Why not hold my hand now? I ought not to have abandoned you around then. I am in charge of this. Yet, its about time I correct my oversight.

Next morning, Simar calls Piyush. He says I was sitting tight for your call throughout the night. Simar says I thought you would have rested. Piyush says you at the court.
Khushi told Simar that she will never get never be the part of Bhardwaj family again regardless of the any attempt she will made. Mataji says God is dependable with you. God can never baffle you. Mataji gives Simar arti. What’s more, pits tilak on he temple? Simar takes off.

In court, Judge says why is Anjali not here? Anjali comes in. She makes proper acquaintance everybody. Sorry, you needed to hold up as a result of me. Anyway, lets begin.

Judge so Simar did Anjali break any principle? Simar says yes. She listened to all that I said. Judge says we will make a board of 5 individuals. Persons who are had practical experience in these issues. Anjali says I don’t wanna live with any of them.

They are all holding up outside the court. Simar says all of you ought to go too. Piyush I won’t leave without you. Piyush says we are arriving in a while.

Simar and Prem are perched on the same seat. More individuals sit, so they need to sit nearer.Simar turns out also. It begins sprinkling. Simar is all wet. Prem comes there and says you are splashed in the water. You will contract bug. He gives her his jacket.


Prem comes and sees Simar has fever. He makes strips for her and massages her head