Prem slaps anjali! SSK Sasural Simar Ka 30th September 2016 Written Updates

Prem slaps anjali! SSK Sasural Simar Ka 30th September 2016 Written Updates :- The show starts with Anjali was at the party and someone says who walks from the parfait of this terrace will win. Anjali accepted the challenge but Shanya tried to stop her.


Anjali started walking and others were cheering her. On the other side, Prem and Simar were on their way and Simar asked Prem to drive fast. Prem says don;t worry Anjali is with her friends.

Anjali sleeps down from the terrace and was hung on the balcony. She screamed for help and Simar came there and dragged up. Prem came there too. Simar asked Anjali what you were doing? Anjali told Simar to not give her lectures. Prem says telling Anjali anything useless and he dragged Anjali for home.

In the next scene, Anjali was sleeping. Simar told Prem that we should give her more time. Prem says I failed as a father. Simar says it was my fault that I left Anjali alone. Piyush came there and asked Prem and Simar to leave together because they can only change Anjali by changing themselves.

Prem asked Piyush to go and later thinks about staying with Simar. Piyush was in kitchen and Roshan and Roshini came there. Prem asked them to meet Simar. Piyush ate Chocolate but Anjali came there in sleep and took chocolate from Piyush and sits on the sofa. Roshan sits with Anjali.

Anjali wakes up and Roshan hides. Anjali goes and Roshan smiles romantically while looking at Anjali. Simar meets Roshan and Roshini at the kitchen. Khushi came there and Roshan and Roshini hides.

Khushi asked Simar to leave the kitchen. Later, Simar hugs Roshan and Roshi and asked them to leave carefully. KB entered Anjali’s room and she proved Anjali for Simar by telling her that Simar insulted Anjali in the party. Anjali leaves the room angrily.


Anjali says to Simar don’t touch me. She takes a vase and is about to hit Simar. Prem comes and stops her. He slaps Anjali and says you will whatever she asks you from now on.