Shocking Twist! SSK Sasural Simar Ka 4th August 2016 Episode Written Updates

Shocking Twist! SSK Sasural Simar Ka 4th August 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The show stars with Rita telling Sumit that he needs Simar more than kids. Simit slaps Rita and told her ” you have such low mentality that is why you are so alone after having a family.”


Sasural Simar Ka Episode Written Updates

Meanwhile, Anjali was in bed and was recalling everything that has happened. Meanwhile, Prem sees KB going into the Anjali’s room with food and told her “Do you even realize if I tell everyone what would have happened? And if I am busy in my work, that does not mean I do not care about Anjali.”

KB says she went there with Anjali to keep an eye on her and it was Anjali’s decision. Prem asked her to tell everything to him if again something happens like this and asked her to not teach anything wrong to her.

In the next morning, Simar was getting all the kids ready for their school and was looking at Piyush and says ” you don’t know your importance in my life. You are the one for whom I left everything.” Meanwhile, Rita comes there and handed over the Simar some money and asked her to find a new job in three days and leave this house.

Simar asked what happened? Rita says I hired you to governed my kids, but you have also governed my husband. Simar told her to not doubt on her character. Rita questioned Simar that Rita says what is your character? Who are you? Where are you from? Where is your family? Past? And yes this mangal sutra? Where is your husband? you don’t even know who is the father of your son?

Simar says what about my son’s school and where we will go? On the other side, Prem was looking at Simar’s photo and says please come back simar. I and Anjali need you. I can’t handle this all alone.

Meanwhile, Sumit entered Simar’s room and asked her are you okay? Simar says yeah I am fine. Then, Sumit says it would have been better if you could come to school function but you are not well. Rita comes them and asked Sumit to come with.

Meanwhile, in the School, Rohan told Rita that why Choti Maa, did not come school as it is a very important day for us. Rita says she is just a governess. Rohan gets upset and told Rita that she will never understand.

Then, Rohan called Simar and asked her to come to school, otherwise, he will not accept the award. Simar came to school and Rohan accepts an award and told everyone that his Choti maa was the reason behind his success and dedicated his award to Simar.

Later, a boy asked Rohan about Simar that Is she is your mom? Rohan says yes and Anita hears this leaves in anger.


Khushi says not matter what Prem should never see this paper. Prem says show me, the paper has simar’s photo with summit Piyush and Rohan. Prem says you are in Lucknow. I am coming.