Sasural Simar Ka 4th October 2016 Written Updates SSK: Prem fills Simar Hairline!

Sasural Simar Ka 4th October 2016 Written Updates SSK: Prem fills Simar Hairline! :- The show starts with Prem asking Simar why they should act even when Anjali knows everything. Simar asked him to do acting to make Anjali believe that everything is fine between us. Prem takes the taxi and goes.


Anjali and Khushi came back home and sys no we have proof. Prem and Simar came there. Anjali told Simar that if I would have been at your place then never would have entered the home with shame. Simar says I will leave this house only when I will succeed in doing what I am here. Khushi interrupts but Simar asked her to not interrupt as this matter is between daughter and mother.

Anjali says I have a proof. Simar says what you will tell everyone that I and your papa were fighting. It is a common thing between a husband and wife. Later, we will reunite. Simar and Prem leaves. Khushi told Anjali that fight has just begun.

Prem asked Simar what was that ? Simar says we have to do acting. Prem says I cannot do that as what Mataji will think when the truth will be revealed. He goes.

Prem went to Mataji’s room for telling her truth. But he found Mataji fainted. They call the doctor and he told them to not give nay sort of tension to Mataji.

Mataji asked Prem and Simar to organize the havan like they always used to do. Prem and Simar agrees and Mataji asked them to sit together in Havan.

The Havan starts and Anjali say nothing is going right. Khushi says don’t know why they are getting late? Simar and Prem sit in the Havan but Inspector came there and told everyone that we must arrest her as she broke the law.

Inspector says Khushi Bhardwaj has filed a case. Khushi says I have proof as Simar went to Kolkata without her daughter. Police arrested Simar but Prem stopped her and said Simar is ver good mother for her daughter and I took her to Kolkata. Police leave.


In the upcoming episode, Khushi says to Prem stop this acting. We all know you are lying. If you are not lying then go to the temple and fill her hairline. Prem takes Simar’s hand and takes her to the temple. He fills her hairline.