SSK Sasural Simar Ka 6th October 2016 Written Updates! Anjali is kidnapped

SSK Sasural Simar Ka 6th October 2016 Written Updates! Anjali is kidnapped :- The TV series Sasural Simar Ka is now all set to showcases that Anjali will be plan to get Simar out of the house, Khushi plans to get Anjali kidnapped. Will Simar be able to do anything about it? Earlier, Anjali gives into Simar’s demands and prepares breakfast for the entire family.


Anyway the last night episode of the TV series Sasural Simar Ka begins with Simar make Anjali wake up in the morning, Anjali without her choice wake up as now she can’t go against Simar. Prem and Simar come close with each other as Simar stitches button of the shirt of Prem.

The next scene shows Simar asked Anjali to prepare breakfast for the Bharadwaj family. Anjali is shocked to know so and she asked Simar that she doesn’t know cooking then Simar asked to her that she will teach her to cook.
Now Simar teaches her to prepare Paratha and when she fail to make Paratha properly Piyush make fun of Anjali from her backside but Simar signs Piyush to go. Now Anjali asked Simar that she can go as she will be making Paratha by herself.

Anjali now complaint to Khushi that she is a force to follow Simar as Papa is with her. She also asked Khushi that she is unable to compete with Simar as now she will be ruling this Bharadwaj house. before Khushi could say anything Anjali asked to her that she needs to follow Simar unless she will lose her pocket money and luxury. Khushi feels annoying to see that even Anjali is given up in front of Simar.

Anjali now prepares breakfast and serves it’s to the Bharadwaj family, everybody smiles on seeing Anjali and Prem is also happy. Jahnvi praised her and everybody asked Anjali that it is a delicious breakfast.

But when Anjali taste the same she fined it too bad and asked Prem why he praised this breakfast as it doesn’t taste good but Prem asked to her that the breakfast is too tasty for him as Anjali prepares it. Anjali go emotionally to hear so.

Mata Ji now makes Anjali hear Geeta Path which makes Anjali annoyed and her on having opportunity run away from the Mata Ji. She also asked Khushi that she is just helpless and compel to hear the Geeta Path for the sake of pocket money.

Khushi asked Anjali that she is having the plan to kick out Simar from the Bharadwaj house. She shares the plan with Anjali and Anjali embraced her. Simar is shocked to see Anjali with Khushi and she became angry.

Precap: Simar asked Prem everything. Prem calls everyone and says Khushi wants to tell you something. Khushi says what? Prem asked Khushi just speak of your plan, Anjali announced I will be speak of the plan.