Anjali hides! SSK Sasural Simar Ka 8th September 2016 Written Episode Updates

Anjali hides! SSK Sasural Simar Ka 8th September 2016 Written Episode Updates :- The show starts with Anjali dancing in a festival. Simar calls her name but Anjali did not listen to her. Piyush and Rohan were also there and they were looking for Anjali. Meanwhile, one of the girls from Savant’s apartment saw the poster of Anjali and informed her about it. Savant says where is Anjali? Priya says Anjali is with Madhu and they both went to see Ganpati function. Savant asked Priya to go and find her.


Sasural Simar Ka Written Episode Updates

Priya asked Anjali to return for audition otherwise, Savant will kill them. Anjali says it is so much fun. But, later she agrees to go with. Madhu saw Anjali’s poster and think to call on the number given on the poster to inform Anjali’s family about Anjali.

Savant calls Khushi and informs her about the Anjali. Khushi asked him to be careful as Simar is there. A poster falls on Simar’s head and her faints. Anjali told Priya that we should help her, she is injured. But Priya says we must leave as we are getting late. Piyush and Rohan came there and saw Simar. They decided to take Simar to the hospital.

Savant came there and took Anjali to a place. Anjali says why we are here? Savant says director will take your audition here. Madhu thinks Anjali does not know where she has trapped and I wish her family member will find her.

On the other side, Prem calls the inspector and asked him about Anjali. Inspector says we will find her out. Later, Amar and Prem decided to give the missing reports of Anjali in newspaper and TV. Khushi hears this and decided to inform Savant about this.

Doctore checks Simar and inform Piyush that soon she will get her conscious. Simar wakes up and asked for Anjali. Piyush says we will find her. Simar asked Piyush to find Anjali as he thinks she is in trouble.

Meanwhile, Anjali was getting ready and she says she is a little bit nervous. Priya asked Madhu to show Anjali some of her dances photo. Khushi looks at her selfie with Anjali and found the image of a poster in it. She went outside to inform on the numbers given on the poster.

Madhu call on a number and Simar pick up the call. Madhu told Simar everything and asked her to come in City Night Bar. Simar says bar and she asked for the address of bar. Madhu gave her the address.

Piyush asked where we have to go? Simar says Anjali is in a bar and we need to find her there. Piyush and Rohan dazed.


In the upcoming episode, Anjali will say this is a weird place. Priya says this is a set of the bar. Anjali started dancing on the song ” Man Saat Samandar.” But, soon she stopped the dance and hides in a place. Savant asked her what she is doing? Anjali says that woman is my mum.