Jai & Veeru Record Jaggi Video! Sath Nibhana Saathiya 16th September 2016 Written Updates

Jai & Veeru Record Jaggi Video! Sath Nibhana Saathiya 16th September 2016 Written Updates :- The show starts with Jassi confronts Mansi’s friend in his style. Jaggi dances with Mansi’s friend and Mansi’s friend fall and Gopi says it is punishment for her because she threw the food. Manis shouts but Gopi asked her to mid her tongue.


On the other side, after Naiya and Prakash’s engagement, Sona asked her children to go from there. Dharam asked Urmila and Sona to ask Gopi and Kokila to attend the marriage otherwise; he will not sit quietly.

Vidya brings the team for Meera, but Meera and Dharam ignore her and walks from there. Jaagi writhes in the stomach after overeating the food. Gopi hears her and says he always use to do this. Jaggi tells me you have cooked a tasty food, so he did not avoid to overeat it. Gopi says I will bring the Ajwain for digestion.

Vidya talks Gopi and leaves for her room. Shravan praises her, and she shies. She goes for doing the kitchen work and saw Meera putting her hand on a warm lamp. Vidya removes Meera’s hand and applied ointment on her hand.

Vidya asked Meera why she is doing this? Meera shouts and says ask Dharam Ji. Vidya thinks may be someone tries to create differences between Dharam Ji and Meera.

Next morning, Gopi was singing the bhajan, and Mansi along with her friends plays loud music. On the other side, Meera prepared milk for Dharam and asked Vidya to give it to him. Dharam says I will only take if someone will offer it with love. Meera feels pain and shouts. Dharam asked what happened. Meera says it burnt. Dharma shows his concern. Naiya looks at them and smirks.

On the other side, Gopi asked Mansi to lower the music as it is disturbing her in doing pooja. Mansi told her that this is her aerobics time, and she will play the sound. Kokila asked Gopi that they will wake up early and do the pooja. Kokila offers prasad to Mansi, but she refuses to take. Premila asked Mansi to take Bhagwan’s prasad.


Jai and Veeru made Jaggi’s videos and left it on the bed. Premeila checks and found out that his name is Jaggi, and he is not an Ahem.