Major Twist! Sath Nibhana Sathiya 22nd August 2016 Episode Written Updates

Major Twist! Sath Nibhana Sathiya 22nd August 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The show starts with Gopi telling Mansi and Premila that she what their plan is and now she will not live in the same house with them. She moves towards the door, but Premila warns her to not cross the border of this house. Gopi says he is not afraid of anyone.


Sath Nibhana Sathiya Episode Written Updates

Meanwhile, Krishna came there and slapped Gopi. Premila says Krishna is part of the plan and she really loves her sister Mansi. On the other side, Inspector was talking on the phone and says ” good, we found Priyal’s clue. A constable listens to this and informed Meera about this. Meera says he will also come with him, but constable denies and told her that this is against the protocol.

Krishna ties Gopi with rope in a chair. Mansi asked Krishna to change his shoes as it was full of mud. Gopi thinks of escaping from the window when all of three will leave the room.

A constable informed Prakash about the trap of Inspector. Meanwhile, Inspector and Meera reached there but Prakash escapes with Priyal from there.

Gopi unlocks herself, but she hears Krishna’s shoes sound. She sits back at her place and asked Krishna for a glass of water. She intentionally drops water on Krishna’s shoes. Krishna went to change it.

On the other side, Prakash hides behind a chair and kicks out Inspector and tries to run. But, Meera hit on his head with a wooden log. Inspector came out and drag shawl from Prakash’s face. They, all were shocked to see Prakash. Meera told Priyal that she was missing her and Priyal say she was also missing her.

Krishna warns Gopi and asked her to not show any cleverness. Gopi prays to Kanhajii and asked for his help so, she will be able to inform her Maaji about this.


In the upcoming episode, Kokilla reached Premeila house and knocks the door. Premila says Gopi and Krishna went for Honeymoon. Kokilla pushes door and says she known they don’t go anywhere.