Saudamini kills omkar! Kawach 24th July 2016 Today Episode Written Updates

Now Manjulika is going into the new look Paris body and thinks about the Rajbeer that he will see me in new Avatar and She strangulates psychiatrist and attack to the Rajbeer’s hand.

Kawach 24rd July 2016 Written Episode

Kawach Today Episode Written Updates

And on the other side where Saudamini kills Omkar. Then after the bites of Rajbeer’s hand, Rajbeer angry and he abuses Pari for biting his hand.

While before of this incident where Pari goes to her bedroom and questions Manjulika what did they do with Vishal.

she will tell Rajveer about her. Then Manjulika goes into her body and Rajbeer occurs and she loves him. He questions shew was saying anything about Vishal.

Pari asks him to ignore all and giving a romantic bedtime with him. In the day, Pari wakes up remembering what passed to her last night.

She says Rajbeer that Vishal is missing and evils killed Vishal. Rajbeer abuses her that she began regularly and not her past Pari.

It is may be enough to family pressure and asks her to just take responsibility for herself and not family. He calls the doctor to ask advice.

The family requests to Saudamini in her body on 75th birthday and Kammo daadi answers they will honor saroj’s birthday richly today in rajasthani way.

Rajbeer meets the psychoanalyst and talks Pari’s position. Psychoanalyst tells Pari is hurting from split character confusion and gives him text book.

Saroj’s anniversary dinner begins with fellows all around. Bundela family wishes Saroj celebrating a birthday. Pari believes Saroj is previously dead.

whereby to wish her. Saudamini comes out of Saroj’s body and turns her neck. Pari screams how can she hurt Saroj.

Saudamini said she ignored Saroj is late several days ago, today Saroj will make hangama on her birthday fun.

Jagath arises and Omkar touches and embraces him. Omkar wishes Saroj peaceful birthday. Saroj tells she was expecting for him and let us begin victim game.

Puppeteers excite for the puppet dancing. Saroj goes towards her place. Pari catches her. Manjulika attempts to stop her, however Pari says she cannot hold her now.

Saudamini runs to the room and gets out of Saroj’s body and smiles that personality, they are celebrating Saroj’s birthday following her death. She goes after and mixes with people.

Pari examines her and remembers what game she is working today. Manjulika tells it is the evil game and has previously begun.

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