SC Orders Cinema Halls to Play National Anthem Before Movie Screening

New Delhi: On Wednesday, the Supreme Court of India ordered all cinema halls across the country to play the National Anthem before the screening of a movie. According to the sources that the apex court has also asked the owners of the cinema halls to glimpse the national flag on the screen while National Anthem is being played.


Supreme court has also stated that everyone who present in the cinema halls, must rise and pay respect to the National Anthem.

The Central Government has agreed with the order of the Supreme court and circulate the order to all the Chief Secretaries of all the states. The government also order to publish the order of the supreme court in the electronic and print media.


The Supreme Court has also directed the owners of the cinema halls to not to dramatise the National Anthem and not take any commercial benefits from it.

Supreme Court also said that as a matter of respect, the national anthem should not be printed or displayed on the undesirable objects.