SCANDALIZED: Stephen Bear and Georgia Harrison Video Went Goes Viral on Internet

The popular winner of “Celebrity Big Brother”, Stephen Bear has become a topic on the Internet after an intercourse video of him and his girlfriend went viral on social media. The Reality TV participant Stephen Bear caught the attention of the people after shared a TikTok video of himself cuddling and even kissing his fiancee in bed just hours before being sentenced for 21 months for sharing a private video of him with his ex-girlfriend Georgia Harrison. We would like to tell you clearly that this was the s3x video of Stephen Bear and his ex Georgia Harrison after which he is jailed.

Stephen Bear and Georgia Harrison Video Goes Viral

If you want to know more details about their video and how did it happen, we urge you to read the full article in which we have shared all the details. So, the video of Stephen and Georgia was shared on the OnlyFans page where it went viral all over social media. The disgraced Ex on the Bech and Celebrity Big Brother fame was caught in CCTV camera having s3x with Ms Harrison who is 28 years old. They both was seen in Stephen’s back garden on August 2, 2020, before then sharing it on OnlyFans and sharing it on Whatsapp.

Stephen Bear and Georgia Harrison Video Viral

Since the video of the personalities went viral on the Internet, many people are getting curious to watch the entire video on social media. Well, the video has been removed from a few websites as well. Due to the alleged video, Bear faced up to two years in jail after being convicted of two counts of disclosing the private video and photographs, films with the intent of causing distress, and also two counts of voyeurism.

Last night, Stephen was seen in a released video on TikTok showing him with his current girlfriend or fiancee, Jessica Smith, saying ‘Brb, crying”. The length of the video is 3 min 44 sec in which he can be seen with his 23-year-old lover’s face, kissing her in front of the Eiffel Tower and feeding her a chicken.

Along with this, they both can be seen pouting for the pictures together and going on holiday. Ms Harrison said that she had been through “absolute hell” since 2020. Now, these videos and photos have gone viral all over social media. Many fans are getting excited to watch the videos. Still, Stephen’s girlfriend Jessica didn’t share any statement in this matter. Stay tuned with us to know more details.

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