School belt helps Delhi police find man who slit the throats of 8-year-old boy, mother

School belt helps Delhi police find man who slit the throats of 8-year-old boy, mother: The cave in on a belt, which bore the name of the school an eight-year-old boy student, helped police catch and identified the man who allegedly killed him and his mother at their home in south Delhi’s Okhla.

School belt helps Delhi police find man who slit the throats of 8-year-old boy, mother

The deadly, incident took place on the last week which made massive headlines.

Babloo Kumar Mondal, 29, had accused to plan the murder days previously; he slit the throats of the mother-son duo on 233rd April.

“The woman was killed with the same long knife the killer had made her buy days earlier,” said Chinmoy Biswal, deputy commissioner of police (south-east).

Widowed seven years ago, the woman, Sabitri Ghosh, and her son lived in Okhla Phase-2. Around approximately mid last year, Mondal had moved with her living partner. They were an “introvert” couple and neighbors believed that perhaps they were a couple, said the DCP.

“But for the past few months, Mondal had begun suspecting Ghosh of speaking to other men and would openly fight,” said the DCP.

Mondal, he was an auto driver, met with a mishap, in this early, year, consequently, he left him a limp in his leg. “He had taken up another job but had turned insecure. He began to feel Ghosh would dump him because of the physical problem,” said Biswal.

Post deciding to kill, he waited for an opportunity when he could convince her to have a drink with him. “When the woman was drunk and sleepy, Mondal slit her throat and repeatedly stabbed her to ensure she died,” said the DCP. Mondal did not spare the sleeping child either, allegedly killing him in the same way.

He then runs away, to his home in, Malda district, West Bengal. The decomposed bodies that were founded by the West Bengal, reportedly, police 2 days, eventually, on this 25th April 25 post neighbors complained of the foul smell.

“Since the man was missing, he became the prime suspect. But we neither had his real name or address nor his picture,” said the DCP.

The team police came across the school belt of the murdered boy, which also mentioned the name of the school on the buckle. Investigators visited the school in order to have further important details of the suspect and accused.

“We checked the boy’s admission form for clues. The suspect had pasted his own photo in place of the boy’s real father. Once we had the photograph, we knew whom to trace,” said the DCP.

Police learned that the allegations had run away to the Malda but weren’t using his own mobile phones, so it was really difficult to trace him.

“He would call his people by borrowing phones of strangers. There were occasions when we ended up chasing the mobile phone owners before realizing we were tricked,” said an investigator.

On the last Wednesday, Mondal was finally nabbed in Sahibganj in Jharkhand. The knife allegedly used in the murders was also recovered by the Bengal police from him.