Scientist Says Philae Comet Is Aliens New Home

Scientist Says Philae Comet Is Aliens New Home : PHILAE is a Comet Lander Spacecraft,Which was Launched On 2 March ,2004 by European Space Agency DLR From French Guiana on an Ariane 5G+ Rocket.The Space Craft Was specially Designed For Landing On A Comet. According to the Sources PHILAE Spacecraft Was landed On a Comet on 12 Nov,2014 after Completing 10 years in Space. The PHILAE Spacecraft is Directly Operated From DLR’s Lander Control Center, Germany.

Scientist Says Philae Comet Is Aliens New Home

The Main Mission Of PHILAE Was to Land ON Comet Surface Successfully and After Successful Landing Transmitting The Data About The Surface,Atmosphere Of The Comet To DLR Lander Control Center. PHILAE entered in Safe Mode on 15 Nov,2014 Due To Some Technical Problems,but The Official Said That it Will Be On its Way till 13 June,2015.


On 13 June 2015 at 8:28 pm,The DLR Lander Control Center Received a 85 Sec Data From PHILAE Space craft,Forwarded By The Another Spacecraft “ROSETTA”,showed Good Health Report of PHILAE Spacecraft.The Batteries Was Charged Enough For The Mission PHILAE Spacecraft Attached With An another Spacecraft Named “ROSETTA”,Philae Transmitted The data to Rossetta.

On 12 Nov 2014,Philae was Landed On The Comet at 16:03 UTC,That That That place was Unknown.


Philae Comet Specifications

Design : The Design Of The Spacecraft Was to Deploy From The Spacecraft body,It Can Touch Down The surface Of The Comet At a Speed(VELOCITY) of 3.6 km per hour / 2.2 mile per hour

Power : PHILAE Spacecraft is Running On Batteries.Its Batteries was Specially Designed For The Power Backup Of about 60 hours After Full Charged. The Spacecraft Have Another Power Option As a backup Batteries which Was Charged From Solar Energy,The Secondary Batteries Provide 140 Watt hour power.

The PHILAE consists Total 10 Instrument Which Helps in Scientifically Research i.e.




The Scientist Says that on which Comet The Spacecraft PHILAE landed,it could be a Home For Aliens,The Spacecraft Found Some Organic Rich Black Crust On the Comet Which Contains Some Icy Surface With some Microbial Life,There May Be The Presence Of Some Livings Organism As per the Sources,The Another Spacecraft “ROSETTA” also Records Some Viral particles in An Organic material Of The Comet.

According To The Sources,Both Spacecraft Was Not Designed For Search The Direct Evidence Of Living Things But The Scientists founds Some Indirect evidence Which May Leads To Presence Of Life On The Comet.

The Data Which Was received From the spacecrafts said That The Micro Organism May Be In The Formation Of Icy Structure.But Who Knows WHAT IS THE REALITY? only Time Knows.Lets See Is Aliens Are Real Or Not?


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