Scientists invent spray that allows men to last 5 times longer in bed

Scientists invent spray that allows men to last 5 times longer in bed :- The pleasure of sharing the bed with your partner is what everyone desires, and it’s only the good quality time for which every man looks on. Meanwhile, the man even looks for sexual medicines like Viagra to enhance their bed time to enjoy their private and personal moments with their female partners.Although, one needs to wait for at least one hour after swallowing the blue pills to get on the bed and kick on their love moment and the wait of one hour became so long that one find it difficult to swallow it out.


However, a scientist finds the solution of it, and he comes with a solution that will remove the long wait of one hour after consuming the blue pills. An unknown scientist has discovered a spray that will kick on the men within few seconds of spraying it and the best part about this spray is that it will effect lasts for more than an hour and a half.

It is believed that the newly discovered spray is the mixture of the liquid Viagra with food grade propylene glycol. The scientist even tested it on the rabbit, and it showed the effects within seconds of its spraying.

The scientist has announced it, and the product is on a roll for men, and the result has shown it will last on the men for more than five times longer.Although one has to wait for the next year to get the product on the market and till then, we all need to wait for it.