What Is a Scrum Master? Why Is a CSM® Certification Essential for Your Career

In simple words, Scrum is a better way of building products. This implementation of the agile methodology aims to deliver products of the highest possible value creatively and productively. Scrum has principles and values that help guide teams to develop complex products. Though scrum is lightweight and easy to understand, it is a skill which is difficult to master. Professional certifications like the Agile and Scrum certification aim to make professionals more adept in Scrum who in turn can lead Agile organizational change.

With the popularity of Scrum, the demand for a skilled Scrum Master is at its  peak. This is because the efficiency of a team depends a lot on the Scrum Master. In fact, the Scrum Master’s role has found a place on LinkedIn’s Most Promising Jobs of 2019. They have also reported a median base salary of a whopping $103,000 and 2K+ job openings.  It has also scored 8 out of 10 in terms of career advancement. The top skills required for being a good Scrum Master are scrum, agile methodologies, business analysis, software development and software development lifecycle.

Benefits of Being a Professional Scrum Master

Self-organization is essential and a stepping stone to an organized team. Industries today are in pursuit of candidates skilled in Scrum to deliver quality products. These are the top benefits of opting to become a scrum master:

1) Help team members in every sprint of product development

Agile methodologies have shown to be effective in accelerating the product development and testing cycles. With clear cut strategies, roles, and stories assigned to each developer, the development of a complex product becomes much easier. The scrum master helps coordinate this and ensures there is no communication gap between any of the people working in the project.

2) Create healthy work environments clearly focussed on productive and creative work

If managing and interacting with people is something you enjoy, being a scrum master fits perfectly into that. Scrum masters help create productive work environments where both the organization and the employees are benefited.  They encourage the company employees to innovate, keep track of new innovations as well as complete business goals. Additionally, the scrum masters are also benefited because this experience helps them explore these innovative strategies and grow in their career.

3) Inspire yourself to do more and enhance team performance

None of us likes to get stuck on a problem. It causes frustration and in some cases, hinders our ability to think of a solution. This is why business goals are carefully designed and broken down into requirements. These are generally small tasks or focus on a specific skill. These tasks become much easier to handle. On completion of the task, employee morale is significantly boosted. The scrum master helps facilitate this entire process, with their strong mentoring background as well as handy technical skills.

Additionally, agile promotes collaboration among teams via strategies such as pair programming and so on. This helps in the exchange of ideas, personal growth and overall productivity of the team.

4) Deliver products on or before time

The scrum master ensures that the team has all the necessary infrastructure and requirements fulfilled to deliver each release of the product. Due to Agile’s incremental delivery method, the product is ready to be tested phase by phase and the scrum master is crucial to achieving that. This results in shortened release time to market, and thus, increases the potential revenue for the organization.

5) Maximize profit, save resources and minimize risks

In agile, since the product can be tested at each phase, the shortcomings of the product are easily spotted and they can be fixed early on. This significantly reduces effort and energy spent in fixing bugs, because dependencies are quite less in the early stage. The Scrum Master works with the product owner to phase the deliveries out, ensure that the sprints are fairly divided and also, motivate and encourage employees to perform their best.

6) Get a lucrative career and attractive pay

Adding Scrum and Agile to your CV opens up a wide variety of opportunities for you in the professional world. Since this is the strategy most companies are adopting for their product development workflow currently, there is always a high demand for people who are skilled in the fundamental principles of Agile and Scrum.

If you aspire to become a Scrum Master, our top scrum master questions can prove to be a great resource.

Key Takeaways

An Agile and Scrum course is a sure fire way for a breakthrough in your career. With more and more companies adopting the Scrum framework, the demand for certified Scrum Masters is always on the rise. Increase your chances to secure a lucrative career in top companies like IBM, Bosch, Deloitte and Accenture today by adopting scrum today.