Sealing polluting units by NDMC in outer Delhi areas on Friday and Saturday

Sealing polluting units by NDMC in outer Delhi areas on Friday and Saturday: North Delhi Municipal Corporation has planned to take strict actions against those units who are polluting or contributing in air pollution. By seeing the seriousness of deteriorating condition of Delhi’s air, North Delhi Municipal Corporation has planned to take severe sealing drive on Friday and Saturday in the outer region of Delhi such as Tikri, Mundka and Nangloi.

According to the reports, North Delhi Municipal Corporation officials said that strict actions will be taken without any advance notice to these polluting units which are illegally operating from non-conforming areas.

This decision was undertaken by Environment Pollution Control Committee (EPCA) who will control and direct this plan. The EPCA took this decision after the pollution level reports in these area pointed severe pollution level due to burning of untreated plastic waste in open areas, thus polluting the air adversely.

Chairman of EPCA, Bhurelal also said in this context by saying that the factory owners of these units in these areas are burning untreated plastic waste as well as using rubber as fuel. He also said that this is causing a serious situation in contributing to air pollution, thus it is punishable without any relaxation.

“These units are running from every second residential property in the area. The factory owners are burning plastic waste to produce granules and also using rubber as fuel,” he said.

He further added by saying, “These are highly toxic to the environment. We had identified such units during our previous visit to these areas. No relaxation would be given to defaulters.”

He also claimed that due to uncontrolled and untreated burning of plastic waste, lot of health issues have increased in these areas, especially in Prem Nagar where most of the people are suffering from respiratory problems and other ailments.

The circular of North Delhi Municipal Corporation which was issued by North Corporation commissioner was circulated on Thursday. According to circular, it claimed that intensive sealing steps will be taken on Friday and the Environment Pollution Control Committee’s chairmen will preview the growth on sealing measures.

Earlier in 2017, the EPCA had also demanded Delhi government to take strict actions against all such industrial units which are operating in non-conforming areas.

According to the latest reports of Delhi State Industrial & Infrastructure Development Corporation (DSIIDC), which was evaluated in 2018 in the month of June, shared a list of 51837 along with 3 municipal corporations. The reports evaluated that out of 51837 industries, most of the industries are running illegally from non-conforming areas, even though been provided with substitute plots.

After receiving the list, the North Corporation evaluated the list properly and on the basis of that they sealed over 600 illegally running factories as well as warehouses especially from the areas of Mundka, Kamruddin Nagar, Nilothi, Swarn Park and Tikri Kalan.

The meeting of North Corporation took place on Thursday where they talked about this issue and the measures to take against such illegal units which are causing severe air pollution.

An official said, “On Thursday, a decision was taken to review the list of 51,000 units again considering some of them have been shut down or shifted to the 22 deemed industrial areas.”