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A Complete Self Drive Experience – Bangalore Airport and Beyond

Travellers to Bangalore who are looking to explore the state can sometimes be burdened with the task of figuring out transport. Landing in Bangalore and moving around can be reduced to an endless saga of changing transport means and lots of waiting. The more informed and independent travellers would prefer control over mobility than hailing a traditional Bangalore airport taxi and negotiating local transport in the town. This is where self drive airport transit offers customers the freedom that public transport does not. The concept is really simple – the airport rental ride can also be the car to travel in for the whole trip, and then when it is all over, all the customer needs to do is drive it back to the airport and hop on to the return flight.


Dodge the Monsoon Woes

There are more reasons why the self drive option works for an airport cab. Bangalore is a sprawling city with attractions all over. Autos and cabs are an expensive affair for various reasons, and the buses cover only the main routes. Monsoons are the worst time to be stuck looking for transport. Having a car at one’s disposal during the rains is a blessing. Travellers can enjoy a home away from home experience with a self drive rental while negotiating the many lanes and bylanes of the garden city.

Tech Enabled Convenience

Modern car rentals provide many additional features to self drive options. App based booking, payment and extra services make self drive a thoroughly tech-enabled experience. 24/7 on-road support and basic damage insurance add a layer of security to the experience. Benefits of self drive also include privacy and extra space, thereby ensuring a comfortable ride.

Cost Control Benefits

Rental plans can be changed to suit the driving requirements. The drive to and from the airport is more distance intensive and will require a distance-heavy plan while inner city errands will include more stops and hence the payment plan also changes. With such control over costs, the self drive option has another edge over traditional chauffeured and local transport.

There are many places in and around Bangalore that can be conveniently explored in a rental. Maybe a trip to the jungles of Coorg has been planned, maybe a getaway to Kabini or Mysore. One can pick up anything from hatchbacks to SUVs at the airport rental station, a car for every occasion. The informed traveller is choosing to self drive. Comfort, safety and privacy now come at a very affordable cost, with no compromises.