Sesha Hits Rocky! Naagin Season 2 23rd October 2016 Episode Written Updates

Sesha Hits Rocky! Naagin Season 2 23rd October 2016 Episode Written Updates :- In the TV series Naagin Season 2, it is shown in the last night episode that Shesha aka Ruchika falls at Yamini (Sudha Chandran) begging her to get Rocky (Karanvir Bohra) married to her. Ruchika aka Shesha asked Yamini that if she will be getting her married to Rocky then she can give the Naag Mani to the Raheja family.


Now Shesha makes Yamini introduced with Avantika (Aashka Goradia). She grabs Yamini’s throat and says you will not give me profits. Avantika reminds her that she resurrected her from the dead with the help of her Madhumakhis. Yamini pleads to become friend with her.

Somehow Yamini is shocked to know that Rocky is in love with Shivanaya’s daughter Shivangi and to practice her conspiracy Shesha take the form of Rocky’s mother and talk with Shivananya to get Rocky married with Shivangi in just 2 days.

Shesha and Avantika decided that Rocky should anyhow need to tie the knot with Shesha and he should not get married with Shivangi for that Avantika announced that she will be held the captive of Shivangi which will create obstacles in the wedding of Shivangi and Rocky. Now Avantika also announced that she will be controlled Shivangi.

It is actually when Shivangi was getting ready for her wedding a bee come and bite her which makes Shivanaya worried that I hope she is not a bee from the Mahismati clan in her heart as she can’t share it with anyone.

Now Shivangi feels very uncomfortable to wear the wedding dress but still Shivanaya make her wear the same. Rocky is in groom’s dress and getting ready for the wedding. Yamini speaks to herself that Ruchika aka Shesha will be ruining this wedding anyway.

She also kills all the owls who were there for the protection of Shivanaya and Shivangi. Shivanaya and Shivangi remember Rithvik and Shivanaya asked to Shivangi that he is always with you to bless you.

The tantric woman brings the Shagun Ka Veil from the groom’s house. Shivanya says get Shivangi here. Her brother tells her that I saw a Mahishmathi woman here. Shivanya goes worried and she sees Avantika there in the veil.
When Shivanaya tries to catch Avantika she got shocked to see that it is Shesha who take for of Avantika and she asked to her that she will be killing Shivanaya anyway.

Somehow Shivanya feels that it is Yamini plan something mischief plan to trap the Naag Mani and to kill Shivangi but before Shivanaya could think anything it is Yamini killed her.