Shakeel Jutt Accident Video Viral On Social Media Watch Online, Shakeel Jutt Cause Of Death & Reason

Shakeel Jutt Accident Video Viral On Social Media Watch Online, Shakeel Jutt Cause Of Death & Reason The respected national-level kabaddi player, Shakeel Jutt, has reportedly passed away lately. According to the media sources, he had met with an accident along the Gujra road in Toba Tek Singh. He was a kabaddi player in Pakistan. This news has initiated a series of tributes on social media. Follow For More Updates Dekhnews.com

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A number of social networking sites have been flooded with the news of the death of the kabaddi player. As per the police records, the kabaddi player was riding his motorcycle on the Grjra road s of a sudden a truck hit his motorcycle. The police of the concerned area is investigating the accident.

Shakeel Jutt Accident Video

Shortly after the accident, the police rescue 1122 team approached the accident scene along with the paramedics so that the athlete could be provided with the required treatment at the stop so as to take him to the hospital safely. He was admitted to the DHQ hospital for affirmative treatment.

However; he could not be saved by the doctors. The police have also stated that there were a number of people who helped him the athlete by calling the police. It is said that he lost his life in his own locality as e was a resident of the Toba Tek Singh. He was an active player in the national kabaddi team of Pakistan.

Cause of death

People are wondering know the cause of the death of Shakeel Jutt. He had a devastating accident on the Gujra road of the Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan. His bike was hit by a truck that resulted in him having severe injuries. Although he was taken to a hospital yet his life could not be saved.

He succumbed to death on the account of injuries in the accident that he had met with. The police are giving their level best to nab the truck driver. He was an asset for Pakistan as a national-level kabaddi player. May God give his soul a place in paradise to rest in peace and also give his family the affirmative strength to overcome the loss of their family member as soon as possible.

Who is Shakeel Jutt?

He was a kabaddi player in Pakistan. He had played kabaddi on the national level for Pakistan. It is said that he was s member of the national team of Pakistan for the last five years. He was accustomed to living in the Toba Tek Sing region of Pakistan with his family.

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