Soumya Shocked to see Saya! Shakti 15th August 2016 Written Updates Episode

Soumya Shocked to see Saya! Shakti 15th August 2016 Written Updates Episode :- COLORS TV most enjoyable interesting show, Shakti looks like a popular show, which gives the great voltage drama that drives to the Shakti supporters.

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Shakti 15th August 2016 Written Update

The complimentary TV series Shakti gave to produce goose bumps to the spectators with its never ending dilemma show and now the huge crux of the show is to showcase in the newest episode Soumya says you are not understanding and says I can’t turn into your significant other in light of the fact that to end up a spouse, I have to end up a lady. Harman is amazed. Soumya with sorrowful eyes and excruciating heart says that she is a kinner, Then Harman is stunned.

In the upcoming episodes, Harman turns comes next. Sindhu says you are gotten. Preeto says I will arrange him. She says in the event that you would not have hitched at visual cue then how you would have proposed her for marriage.

Harman says I would have gone close to her, hold her hand and requests that she wed him.

Preeto says along these lines young lady would have fled. Harman says I would have additionally kept running with her. Harak Singh says you might propose my delightful bahu.

Harman inquires as to whether you have the question on my courageous capacities, whispers something in Varun’s ears and requests that Harak Singh give 5 mins.Bebe requests that Maninder open the entryway.


Maninder requests that her go. He tells God you haven’t done right with me. He says I attempted to make Nimmi see, yet she didn’t hear me out and tosses their pic.

He says, my girl, Surbhi couldn’t comprehend me and cries. Harman draws close to Soumya, Tera Ishq Ka Meri ibadat plays, He advances his hand… .Soumya is reluctant to give her hand. Nimmi gives Soumya’s hand in Harman’s grasp. Soumya gets up… ..Varun makes blossoms fall on them.

Harman takes a gander at her affectionately, Soumya turns upward and sees the falling blooms, Tu hello there mera Khuda keeps on playing, Harman eyes her affectionately.
Soumya feels terrible. Harman twists down on his knees and proposes her grasping the bloom.

He says Gulabo, love need to happen, that too with you and thirdly hugely. He says at whatever point I see you, I get insidious. He says affection’s full word is fragmented.

However, I need a complete connection with you. He says possibly your character lose all sense of direction in this world, so appeal to God that Harman turns into yours for 7 births. He requests that let me know Gulabo, in the event that you will end up being mine, for seven births.