Salman Khan Special Episode! Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 15th October 2016 Written Updates

Salman Khan Special Episode! Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 15th October 2016 Written Updates :- The Bollywood actor Salman Khan will be seen promoting his upcoming TV show Bigg Boss 10 at the ongoing TV series Shakti-Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki where he will be seen helping Harman to find Saumya. Salman Khan already shoots the promotional video for Shakti – Astitva Ek Ehsaas Ki without entering the show and now he will be all set to have a grand entry.


Salman Khan will be having cameo appearances’ in the show where perhaps he will be seen helping Harman to search Saumya and perhaps he will be able to find her for Harman. Now fans can assume that Harman and Saumya to be reunited as it seems like.

The movie actor Salman Khan has been associated with Bigg Boss for the past six years and every year he makes sure to promote the show with grandeur before it goes on air as every year in the month of October it launches and now the reality show is going to have the season 10.

This time, too he has chosen the right platform to promote his serial as Shakti is doing great at the TRP charts so the Bigg Boss Season 10 will be definitely going to have a grand promotion.

In the previous years too Salman has entered many TV serials of Colors TV to promote Bigg Boss but this time, he has refused to go on the sets of the shows instead he just shoots the promotional video and this video that he appear in Shakti is going viral on the social site and the internet.

Meanwhile, Shakti’s team will also shoot a promotional track and the two sequences will be overlapped and featured in one of the upcoming episodes of Shakti.

It was being said that maybe because of this arrangement Vivian and Rubina will not be seen in the same frame with Salman Khan. But, if speak about the pictures of the set it is actually Vivian aka Harman shares a picture with Salman where Salman has been seen helping Vivian.