Raavi is shocked! Shakti 17th August 2016 Episode Written Updates

Raavi is shocked! Shakti 17th August 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The show starts with Soumya looking at Harman. She gave him the blanket when he was sleeping, but he throws the blanket and asked her to leave from here. Soumya cries.


Shakti 17th August 2016 Episode Written Updates

On the other side, Varun was drinking but hides his bottle when he saw Surbhi coming from the front. He asked Surbhi when she will come now? Surbhi says whenever Soumi di needs me I will come. Varun says what about me.

Surbhi says you have your family to look you and then she leaves. Varun then went to his room and think that his Mama fooled his mother by asking her to marry a poor man and thus he is poor now.

But, he thinks that now he will marry Surbhi and will be equal rich like Harman. in the next morning, Nimmi and Surbhi were leaving. They hugged Soumya. Nimmi asked Pretto to take care of her daughter. Karak Singh says he w will keep her like Singh. Nimmi and Surbhi leaves.

Preeto asked Soumya to make chapatis. Harman interrupts and told Preto that she will not make food and if, she will make food then I will not eat. Preeto gets surprised.

Then, at the dining table, Soumya was serving the roti to everyone, but Harman refuses to eat roti served by Soumya and told Preeto that if she will cook food, then I will throw the plate. Harak Singh and Preeto asked Harman to eat food. Harman eats food but angrily.

Meanwhile, Harman comes back in his room in Soumya follows him. Harman asked Soumya to stay away from him and asked her to not show her face to him. Varun informed Harak Singh that photographer has come.

Harman says we have a lot of photos, then there is no need of another photo. Harak Singh says we don’t have our Bahu in any picture. They all clicked the picture, then Harak Singh told the photographer to click the separate picture of Harman and Soumya.

Photographer asked Harman to hold Soumya’s west and look into her eyes romantically. Harman gets angry and leaves from there. Then, Preeto asked Soumya to bring back Harman.

Soumya went to Harman’s room and asked him to come down for the sake of Mummyji and Papaji’s happiness. Harman says keep away from him. Soumya says he will never see her face once she will leave this house. Soumya holds her holds and asked Harman to come down the stairs. Harman looks at Soumya.


In the upcoming episode, Preeto tells Soumya that Surbhi was right about her cooking skills. She says you are really an Annapurna and asks her to shower love on Harman. Ravi says there is a huge difference between cooking and to handle husband. She tells Harman is always sad because of her. Later Soumya brings food plate for Harman and says Preeto sent it. She asks him to eat it. Harman takes the plate and then throws it, says how many times I shall tell you not to come near me, don’t try to become wife if I can’t become that. Ravi hears him and is shocked.