Epic Twist Today! Shakti- Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 23rd September 2016 Written Updates

Epic Twist Today! Shakti- Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 23rd September 2016 Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series Shakti begins drunk Harman destroys everything in his room that reminds him of Soumya. But as fate would have it, he ends up finding a letter addressed to him by her. Will this make him change his mind it is yet to clear in the tonight episode of the show!


Previously, abiding by the promise which he made to Preeto, Harman ignores Surbhi’s plea and refuses to help her find Soumya. While Harak Singh is happy to see the change in Harman, Preeto gets suspicious and asks Varun to keep an eye on him.

Actually yesterday night episode of the TV series Shakti- Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki begins with Harman’s sister give him tea and asked him to leave the bed in the morning, but on seeing his sister Harman just lashes out at her and he also asked her to go from his room which left her in shocked.

Surbhi call Harman but Harman asked to her that every kind of relationships he cut with the Singh family then he is now her Jija and he will also in no mood to help her. Preeto and Harakh Singh is happy to see that Harman scolded Saumya’s sister Surbhi and Harakh Singh out of happiness also declares that Harman is real Sher.

Saumya asked the transgender women that she is keen to die rather live like transgender women, Saya said to Guru Maa that she will be making her understand what is reality is but Guru Maa asked that let her do what she want to do as we are very close to her.

Harakh Singh asked Harman that now Harman is thought to move forward in his life so I will be having the drink with him to enjoy the same. It is in the drinking session Harakh Singh went intoxicated and Harman is now going to his own room to have a drink.

Saumya became befriend there in the transgender house with the little girls and also she has some friendly conversations with them. In his room, Harman breaks everything thinking of Saumya and he also announced that Saumya is in his memory.

He also said neither Preeto nor Harakh Singh nobody can drive out Saumya from his mind. The Singh family is now looking worried for Harman. Harman also sees Saumya’s letter and he started reading the same.

Precap: Harman said he is having Soumya is in his heart and asks her to go away from his heart.