Goons Attack On Harman! Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 26th September 2016 Written Episode

Goons Attack On Harman! Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 26th September 2016 Written Episode :- The show starts with Surbhi was posting the picture of Soumya in Bhatinda and she told people that a kinnar had kidnapped her sister. People told her to file a complaint in police regarding this.

Preeto came to Harman’s room, and she saw chairman collecting the broken piece of the chair. Harman asked her to go from here. Harman told Preeto that he is now captured in the jail of memories. Preeto gets a tear in her eyes and is shocked. Harman makes her go out of the house.


Surbhi went to Police station and asked the constable to file a complaint as one kinnar kidnapped her sister. Inspector made fun of Soumya. Surbhi asked her to file a case. Otherwise, she will contact senior inspector. Inspector writes her complain and asked about her address. Surbhi gave her address, but Inspector thinks she is lying.

Soumya was playing with the baby. Kareena came there and asked Soumya to give the baby to her as she will make a baby bath. Soumya asked Kareena to help her as she wants to return bay to parents. Guru got angry hearing all this and told Kareena that no one would feed the baby as we don’t accept other without doing any rituals. Soumya gave the baby to Kareena and get sad.

Bhatinda Ploce called Maninder and told him that a girl had registered a case for the loss of her kinnar daughter. Maninder denied and thought Surbhi is crossing limit. Harman wrote a letter to God and gave to Maninder to deliver it to the temple.

Everyone was getting ready for the naming ceremony of the baby, but Soumya told that this baby deserves to return to her parents. Guru Maa told everyone that we would find the parent of a baby, but if we are not able to find than Soumya will do the rituals by her hand. Soumya guess.

Maninder informed about Surbho to family and everyone get shocked. Some guy took Surbhi with them and took her dupatta. Surbhi slaps them and leaves.

Surbhi returns home, and Maninder scolds her. Surbhi says she will find Soumya even if she has to tell everyone that she is a kinnar.

Harman remembers Soumya in his room and says I want to forget you but can’t forget you.


Surbhi came to woman’s house and asked did she see Soumya. The woman told Surbhi that Soumya has just left. Surbhi failed to see Soumya. Some goons attacked Harman.