Surbhi Is Shocked! Shakti 27th July 2016 Today Episode Written Updates

Surbhi Is Shocked! Shakti 27th July 2016 Today Episode Written Updates :- The episode starts with Surbhi, Where Surbhi asks Maninder why did he gift a snake to the Soumya? She questions to Maninder who is Soumya’s opposition in the home. While Nimmi reaches and tells her father.

Shakti Episode Written Updates

Shakti Episode Written Updates


Shakti Episode Written Updates

Next Nimmi asks to Surbhi to wait with Soumya at her in-law’s house for 20 next days and tells they can drop Soumya further. Surbhi is shocked after the Nimmi replying.

Where on the other side, before this incident that, Soumya tells mom ji is asking us. Harman tells Gulabo, you are allowing for Pagphera.

I will miss y’all and got given to you inside a day. He orders her to come. Harman and Soumya come down and are on to rest.

Preeto holds Harman and tells just Soumya will meet for puja. Harman asking, whenever she saw him mated to Soumya or left them. His sister tells he is really excited to stay with the wife.

Harman tells when you open your lips, eject poison only. Harak Singh speaks to his brother about his kids. Varun says, Harman, that Soumya will back.

However, he will want for somebody and sees at Surbhi. Surbhi knows he is talking to her and begins unwisely. Pandit ji does unusual puja and counts the flowers.

Nimmi comes there and is excited. Preeto asking that, whenever anything is wrong. Pandit ji tells there is nothing unlucky about bahu else flowers need have wiped up.

Nimmi is removed. Harman says Preeto that she has destroyed his opening night. Preeto calls him rude. Harman claims Harak Singh to make his wife know that he is now coupled.

Preeto marks Nimmi and approaches her, asks her to come indoors. Harak Singh asks whenever Maninder didn’t get.

Nimmi tells he got sick, so I came as Soumya is not holding the brother too. Harak Singh speaks we don’t have any problem.

Preeto asks Soumya to give the home to her mom. Varun comes out and provides money to Pandit ji for recumbent and tells these people would have hurt Bhabhi due to blind trust.

Pandit ji tells I can know. Nimmi views Soumya’s room and asks whenever she is well-made. Soumya tells good and tells none asked her to work past as she was sick.

She tells Harman asked me to get rest whenever I was not fine and tells he will create a reason to jump the party, however, I served it as everybody was waiting.

Nimmi believes nobody’s wrong eye should fall on them. Soumya asks whenever Dad didn’t evolve.

Nimmi starts an explanation. Maninder says Bebe that they shall run from pind. Bebe tells we have to allow for training her.

Maninder becomes worried. Soumya tells bangles to Nimmi and tells Dad gave it when my bidaai. Nimmi thinks it is Surbhi’s bangles, and she got it from Bebe.