Shakti Mohan Kissed Raghav! Dance Plus+ 2 9th July 2016 Episode Hd Video Performances

Shakti Mohan Kissed Raghav! Dance Plus+2 9th July 2016 Episode Hd Video Performances :- The dancing reality show Dance Plus 2 started with the bang on the past weekend and from the past weekend, the show is having positive and good feedback from the fans. On the social site, something is trending today and that is Raghav’s Nautanki with the tagline that Raghav’s Nautanki have no limits.

Shakti Mohan Kissed Raghav

Shakti Mohan Kissed Raghav Dance Plus 2 Episode Hd Video Performances

Throwing light on the news tonight the host of the show Raghav Juyal is all set to showcase his Nautanki which will bring huge laughter and entertainment for you in which the host of the show will be seen in the Rock star attire which is very similar to the get up adopted by Ranbir Kapoor in the movie Rockstar.

Then he will be seen singing the song and showing dancing skills with the guitar which will be giving goose bumps to the Mega Captain of the show Remo D’souza and off course to Punit J Pathak, Shakti, and Dharmesh.

As we all know Raghav is trying to woo Shakti from the last season of the dancing show Dance Plus and he is in no mood to miss a single opportunity from trying to impress or propose her.

On the tonight episode also Raghav will be seen doing something like that in which Shakti will be giving a loving response by which Raghav will be completely smitten by.

Actually, something will happen like that when Raghav comes with an egg and show it to Shakti and ask is it yours. It was just a funny moment and Remo announced a bet on that. Shakti asked Raghav that if you can break the egg with your head then you can ask me to do anything.

Then Raghav took the challenge and break the egg with his head and he asked Shakti to kiss him about which Shakti can’t refuse the same and they share a funny kiss on the set of Dance Plus 2.