Shesha Trapped & Guruma To Kill Shivanya! Naagin 28th February 2016 Written Updates

Shesha Trapped & Guruma To Kill Shivanya! Naagin 28th February 2016 Written Updates :- The supernatural turn horror TV series “Naagin” is having huge TRPS these days with its everlasting twists and turns. The thrills of the show are enough to being stick you with the seats in the front of your TV screen. In the last night episode we saw how Shivanya aka Mouni Roy got saved from being exposed in front of Rithvik aka Arjun Bijlani.


Naagin 28th February 2016 Written Updates

We watched in the yesterday that Shivanaaya was all set to kill their 5th Victim and he was the Sailesh Mathur but fate has been planned something different for Shivanaaya in which it is Shivanaaya and Shesha (Ada Khan) get trapped under the rules of Guru Maa and Shivanaaya this time failed to killed Sailesh.

It is all set to Shesha and Shivanya will get killed as both of them reached to the final stage of their death. But Shivanaaya managed to save Rithvik whose life was in danger in the hands of Yamini (Sudha Chandran) and Ankush Raheja (Manish Khanna).

In fact Shesha and Shivanaaya still don’t having clue of the fifth killer as despite flowing him, Shesha failed to see the fifth killer’s face. Now Ankush Raheja is in his evil plan to kill the “Naagin” and he thinks this one is the right time.

He explains the whole plan to his family and tells them how Guruma has planned to trap Naagin, and now the Guru Maa performs the Taandav to welcome the Naag Mani and eventually kill her right here. But Shivanaaya aka Mouni who hears this plan makes sure to inform Shesha about this master plan and asks her not do the Taandav tonight.

But considering one of the Naagins has to do the Taandav, Shivanaaya then decides to put herself in the spot and Shesha decides to play some tricks and stop Guruma and Rithvik from entering the Naag Mandir.

Now Shesha succeeds in stopping Rithivk’s car and even takes a gigantic form to destroy Guruma. But Ritik uses the Vibhooti against her to destroy all the spiritual powers she is having. However as of sudden Rithvik and Guru Maa realise that despite Shesha being here, they can hear someone performing Taandav at the Mandir.

So now Guru Maa and Rithvik come to know that Shesha is not their target and the real Naagin. The real Naagin is someone else who is right now in the temple welcoming the Naag Mani!

Don’t forget to catch “Naagin” tonight at 8:00 PM only on the Colors TV to know whether Shivanaaya will be get exposed in front of Ritik? Will Shivanaaya find out about the fifth killer?

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