Shimla To Adopt AAP Cheif Arvind Kejriwal Delhi Odd-Even Formula

Shimla To Adopt AAP Cheif Arvind Kejriwal Delhi Odd-Even Formula :- Some say Odd-Even by CM Kejriwal was successful Some say it was frustrating but whatever that was in Delhi, Now Shimla’s CM has decided to implement the same in Shimla so that they would get some relief from traffic Jam Problem. Is it a correct solution or the story has a twist?


To overcome the obstacle of traffic jam and decongest the roads of Shimla town, the district management is thinking of proposing the odd-even method for vehicles. With an addition in the number of transports, comprising those of vacationists, the city is observing traffic jams, and the difficulty bugs during the peak tourist period.
To devise systems and midpoints of decongesting ways in Shimla, and to control traffic in a reliable way, a conference was headed by supplementary district officer (law and order) GC Negi on Saturday, in which executives from various fields also engaged.

Negi said that the purpose of holding the odd -even formula for transportation was also considered, further, plans to have one -way passage in Shimla town, and how to tackle with overcrowding caused by tourist vehicles.
He said proposals introduced in the conference would be put before the state administration to incorporate the same in the policy being framed to decongest Shimla town.
Chief minister Virbhadra Singh said as there was no further scope of development in Shimla, the state government was considering of increasing new tourist spots so that visitants could be tempted towards there to lessen the stress on the existing towns.
He said Shimla’s Circular Paths would be stretched. As Shimla is a fascinating tourist place that attracts a lot of people across the India as well as outside India so it would become a need to take any of the initiatives to combat the problem of the Traffic Jam.