Shiv Sagar Restaurant Denies Entry To Street Children In CP, AAP Govt Orders Probe

Shiv Sagar Restaurant Denies Entry To Street Children In CP, AAP Govt Orders Probe :- Delhi is well known for its industrial area and the expensive markets. In our society, we often saw some discrimination but ignored them and just passed. But we have a cracking news from Delhi where Delhi restaurant denies entry to underprivileged children.


It’s shocking but true. The owner of the restaurant misbehaved with some kids who were not well dressed and looked dirty. He stops them from entering in his restaurant. Get the full coverage of this news below in the article.

The report begins with the Sonali Shetty, who had brought some children with her in the restaurant to celebrate her husband’s birthday.

She chose to go to Shiv Sagar Restaurant, which is located in the Connaught place in Delhi. Connaught place is known as a posh area where we can see all the biggest restaurant and the crowd of people.

Currently, Sonali Shetty has been on the protest after the owner of the Restaurant misbehaved with the kids, and she is asking a punishment against the eatery owner. The owner of Shiv Sagar Restaurant discriminated with the children and apparently denied to enter in his Restaurant. He said that the kids are not well dressed and look dirty

Well, Delhi Government minister Manish Sisodiya twitted about this incident assured of a probe in this matter. But Roma Malhotra who is a PR of Shiv Sagar told ANI that the lady had brought some kids with herself and the kids started shouting and created a lot of “Tamasha” inside.

And the Restaurant owner has the right the deny from the service if their guest is getting disturbed. She added that they didn’t do anything wrong, and their intention was not wrong. Well, the truth will come out after a proper probe. Till then stay tuned with our website.