Shivam became angry on Riya! Mere Angne Mein 25th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

The last episode of the TV series “Mere Angne Mein” starts with Nandu dressing like Mohit in order to come towards Preeti. She says you can’t come like I want. Nandu says to her that I want to have my own home but right now I am having no status to do so. She said then why you marry me.

Shivam became angry on Riya! Mere Angne Mein 25th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

Nandu said to the Preeti as I love you but Preeti said but I don’t love you and I want to leave you. Nandu asked to her why you hate me. Please tell me the reason and I will then change that. Nandu also asked to Preeti that I will keep you like queen but Preeti said that queen or servant. You are actually keeping me like servant.

Now Anupam asked Riya to be in the home, Riya said no I have to move to the office to meet with Shivam to discuss something professional to him. Anupam said it would be better if you stay in the home as if you will be meeting with Shivam he will be humiliated you. Riya said no he won’t, I can’t ruin professional matter because of my personal problems.

In the mean time, Shanti is very angry on Riya and she is thinking don’t know when she will stop giving me trouble. And Shanti is also looking forward to have her new home as she want to move a new house. And Shanti is now keep blaming Riya for everything what is happening in the Shivam and in his family.

In the mean time, Riya thinks and recalled that whatever she did and if any mistakes commit by her she should pay for it as she is responsible for it. Somehow, Riya also thinks that it is because of her Riya’s marriage happened with Nandu, whom she doesn’t love and Shivam is also that is why angry on her.

Riya promised to herself that she needs to sort out these all and she will also clear the confusion. But on the other hand, Shanti created misunderstand that it is Riya wants to have divorce from Shivam. Shivam became angry to hear so and shocked. And these is all happened without any knowledge of the Riya.