Shivanaaya Falling In Love With Ritwik! Naagin 29th November 2015 Episode

In the very ambitious project of Ekta Kapoor’s, horror TV series “Nagin”, some romance is yet to showcase. In the serial Shivanaaya yet to falls in love with Ritwik, with whom Shivanaaya marry to take her revenge anyway. In tonight episode it will be shown that Shivanaaya will be falling in dilemma in which she have to either complete her mission or she will be fulfilling duty of a married bride. Anyway, let’s have some glimpses of the last night episode.

Shivanaaya Falling In Love With Ritwik! Nagin 29th November 2015 Episode

Naagin 29th November 2015 Episode

In the yesterday episode we saw that Shivanaaya got hitched with Ritwik, as Shivanaaya claims that she is an Mesh Raashi (Aries Horoscope) girl, with whom if Ritwik marry his life will be saved. Ritwik is about to die on his 25th birthday but if he marry a girl then his life will be saved.

So, Yamini makes Shivanaaya to marry her to save her son Ritwik’s life. Meanwhile, in the next scene it shows that, Sasa is talking with herself that Shivanaaya is in mission. She will be accomplished her mission now. Shivanaaya won’t forgive Ritwik’s family and she will be taking revenge of her maa and dad’s death.

In the mean time, after her marriage Shivanaaya asked Ritwik to stay away from her. She also denied him to touch her. Shivanaaya added further that for her, this marriage is just a compromise. Ritwik agreed with her, and he asked that he will be stay like a friend with Shivanaaya.

Ritwik’s wedding night is not different like his other night, in this night too he dreamt about a girl who is calling him. Suddenly she turns out to be an Ichchadhari”. Ritwik get scare with the dream anyway.

By the way, Ritwik feels that somebody is present in his room, apart from Shivanaaya. By the way, Shivanaaya told him story of Ichchadhaari which makes him astounding.

In tonight episode it will be shown Shivanaaya will be feeling some love for Ritwik. She will be also sharing some pleasant moment with Ritwik.

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