Shivanya And Rithvik To Die! Naagin 23th April 2016 Episode Written Update

Shivanya And Rithvik To Die! Naagin 23th April 2016 Episode Written Update :- The finale of the supernatural come horror TV series “Naagin” is all set to appear on your TV screen which is literally spine chilling and full of thrilling. Now in the TV series “Nagin” it is Shivanaaya is all set to take her revenge and she is now doing that. In the mean time, Shivanaaya’s sister falls in love with her husband Rithvik so Shivanaaya have to now fight with Shesha too apart from her enemies.

Naagin Written Episode Update

And now Ekta Kapoor’s this supernatural drama is coming to an end soon. The finale of the show has already shot; and in the upcoming episode it will be shown that the lead actors Mouni Roy (Shivanya), Arjun Bijlani (Ritik) and Sudha Chandran (Yamini) will be doing something interesting to grab the Naag Mani.

According to reports, in the end both Shivanya and Ritik will die, and they will be reincarnate then but this is something store for the upcoming season of the Nagin. It will be shown in the upcoming episode that Shivanaaya and Rithvik will be sink in the river and they try to save each other but fail to do so.

Last week we already saw that Shesha marry with Rithvik by doing conspiracy and Shesha believed and excites to celebrate her wedding night with her husband. And Shesha joint her hands with Yamini and trapped Shivanaaya. Shivanaaya is unable to see this and she is also aware of it that it is Shesha by doing conspiracy marry Rithvik and somehow she need to clear everything to Rithvik.

In the mean time, Yamini did some controversy in which it is Yamini and Ankush Raheja is very sure about it that they will be making Rithvik to kill Shivanaaya. And Shesha also managed to trap Shivanaaya.

But apart from Shivanaaya confess her feeling to Rithivik, it is Shivanaaya and Shesha engaged in a brutal fight. Shesha even try to attack on Shivanaaya but Shivanaaya run away from the scene. But a Baaz appear in order to attack on Shivanaaya.

Find out whether, Shivnaaya will be killing by the Baaz or the brave girl manages to fight with the same! Find out in the tonight episode of the horror TV series “Naagin” at 8:00 PM only on the popular entertainment channel, Colors Entertainment Channel!!!