Shivanya kill Rithik’s Father! Naagin 27th March 2016 Episode Written Updates

Shivanya kill Rithik’s Father! Naagin 27th March 2016 Episode Written Updates : In the last night episode of the horror TV series “Naagin” it has been shown that the Ichchadhaari Naagin come to know about the fact of the Mayuri and now Shesha decided to finish her. And in the Raheja house it is Sangram Singh comes back and after arrival in the Haveli he tells that there is 5-mouth snake exist in order to protect the Naag Mani. He closed down the room and eventually shocked to know that Mahishmati is coming to destroy humans. He tells Naag that he will have to leave in order to protect Rithvik.


Naagin 27th March 2016 Episode Written Updates

Now Mayuri came to Yamini’s room to inform her that she has killed Shivanya’s sister. Yamini goes happy with this news. Mayuri informs her that now Guru Maa will reveal where the Naag Mani is is. Now Shivanya comes in their room and complaints that it is Mayuri who is trying to woo Hrithik. Yamini scolds her and asked her to leave the house after being humiliated.

Now Yamini try to throw Shivanaya’s out of the house as well she praised Shivanaaya. But Shivanaaya did not leave the Raheja house. Now it is Rithvik appreciates Shivanya intelligence of sending back Mayuri from the house and gradually Rithvik saw a dream in the night where Sangram Singh was fighting the devils and telling him to run away from there. Shivanya woke up and think that it is Ankush Raheja who wants to ruin the Rithvik’s life.

Now Yamini and Guru Maa with Mayuri visits to torture Sesha but Shesha did not reveal the location of the Naag Mani and now Shesha went to search Shesha.

Now the Guru Dev gets to know that the Sesha is in jungle and torturing by the Guru Maa. But it is Shesha did not bear the tortures and killed the Mayuri eventually. Because of the Neem tree, her powers were increased, and she started touching Mayuri now. Shivanya also arrived there to support Shesha.

And now Yamini and Guru Maa starts running of seeing them trying to kill Mayuri. Shivanya goes home to find out the truth and she get to know that it is Guru Maa is in mission to kill Shesha but Shesha has been managed to trap the Guru Maa and Shivanaaya get relief with it. Now Yamini plan to kill Shivanaaya but Shivanaaya is getting clue of the every planning.