Shivanya & Yamini Fight! Naagin 15th May 2016 Episode Written Updates

Shivanya & Yamini Fight! Naagin 15th May 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The yesterday night episode of the TV series Naagin starts with Sesha taking Shivanya’s form and coming to hut. Rithik asked to her what she is doing here; Shesha says she is here cleaning the hut. Now suddenly she removes the shirt of the Rithvik, Rithvik asked to her that what she is doing. Shesha asked to him that you need to remove your T-Shirt as it smells.


And as soon as Rithvik remove his T-Shirt, Shesha starts holding him and kissing him. Eventually, “Har Kisi Ko Nahin Milta, Yahan Pyaar Zindagi Mein”….. Plays…. After doing romance with Rithvik, Shesha want the Naag Maani from him and Rithvik is about to get the same.

In the mean time, Shivanaaya get to know that Shesha is conspiring to Rithvik, in order to take the Naag Maani from him. So in the main time, Shivanaaya come and she asked Rithvik not to hand over the same to her as she is Shesha. Now somehow Shesha managed to take the Naag Maani from Rithvik and she run away with it.

Now Guru Maa and Yamini join her and due to the Naag Maani were in Yamin’s hands, Guru Maa snatch the same form her and run away in the jungle with the Naag Maani. Yamini even shoots her in order to let run away her with that but all goes in vain as now Guru Maa is the extra powerful.

But somehow Rithvik follows Guru Maa and he managed to take the same from her. And gradually, Guru Maa fall down and got faint and she also attacked by the bees.

Now Rithvik come in the Raheja house and Yamini who is very angry as she lose the Naag Maani asked Rithvik why he come here as he already aware of it that his enemy stay here. Rithvik asked to him as he cares about relationship and it is Amrita’s wedding so being a brother he must stay here.

But Rithvik also confess that he hates Yamini and he will be giving the Naag Maani to the Shiv Mandir at the day of Maha Shivratri. Yamini said she wants the same with her false tears but Rithvik said never and he leaved.

Precap: Shivanya says Yamini that temple has protected by 1000s of snakes and she cannot take the Nag Mani. Yamini says she will be killing Shivanya. Shivanaaya asked to her, let’s see who will be die and who will be survives. Kabeer get his life back.