Shivaye breaks the glasses! Ishqbaaz 5th July 2016 Episode Written Updates

Shivaye breaks the glasses! Ishqbaaz 5th July 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The latest track of the TV series Ishqbaaz is all set to showcase a huge melodrama in which Anika will be seen throwing water on Shivay as Shivay did something to her in which she will be seen fumes on anger and she will be unable to control her anger and will be throwing water on him!

Ishqbaaz Episode Written Updates

Ishqbaaz Episode Written Updates

Ishqbaaz Episode Written Updates

As we already aware of it that Shivay is after showing hi tantrum, wealth, attitude, power and all that which will be keeping Anika as dumbstruck as somehow Anika will be having an encounter with Shivay.

She was in the rush which will bring somehow Anika in front of the Shivay’s car when he was on his way to reach somewhere in the office and when he will see Anika there he will be seen humiliating Anika.

He will be saying to Anika that if you wish to die, then go and die by going somewhere else but spare me. I am getting late and I have to go to m y office. Anika who is known for her Bindaas Bol and attitude will be seen giving a perfect and proper reply to Shivay about his attitude towards her.

Then Shivay will be compare her with cow dung and Anika will be seen unable to control herself and she will be putting the cow dung on the Shivay’s car and also pour the whole water from her water bottle on over the Shivay’s body.

Shivay will be fumes on anger seeing so and he will be leave from there in anger and Anika will be became emotional. She also finds herself satisfies as she thinks that she shows the mirror to Shivay.

In the mean time, Shivay has some problem in the office and when Rudra wanted to discuss with him, he says whatever problems happened all because of Anika and he blames Anika for the same. Anika then had an emotional day.

Her Bua now give her a shop and asked her to take care of it and she is happy with that. But on the way of the coming home, Anika became emotional as she recalls the Shivay’s words in which he asked about the middle class people that they are having no emotion at all rather they only have survival instinct.

And when Dadi get to know this she thinks Shivay did something wrong. Shivay should not be so rude, Dadi thinks and she also thinks that he needs a perfect girl like Anika as his life partner.