Shivaye Falls Down On Stairs! Ishqbaaz 23rd July 2016 Episode Written Updates

Shivaye Falls Down On Stairs! Ishqbaaz 23rd July 2016 Episode Written UpdatesThe Show starts with the scene where Rudra, Dadi, and Shivaye were sitting together and Dadi was sad.


Shivaya told Dad that she can meet Bua time, so she does not need to be sad. Rudra cracked some jokes and everyone started laughing.

Then, Om arrives there and told everyone that I think we have misunderstood our Bua. Every coin has its two sides and we never know why she had done all this.

He also told that When a person a rich, it is easy to be a good human being but if he is poor or he is going through some problem that it takes a big heart to be a good person , so we all have judged Bua too early.

Then, Shivaye receives a call from Anika nd she asked him to meet her. Shivaye agreed to meet him.

In the next scene, we have seen Anika waiting for the Shivaya in the rain. Shivaye came down there and came out of the car with an umbrella.

Then, he acted as he was calling an ambulance, just like Anika did when she called a fire brigade.

He told her that, rain can hide the tears but not the defeat and you have lost. Then, Anika told her that yes you have defeated me you took my tender, you enabled my lawyer to run away with the money and now you have taken my house but I am not defeated, and the one who is defeated is you Mr. Shivaye Singh Oberoi.

Then, she started walking but Shivaye holds her hand after throwing his umbrella. He told her that you don’t have a roof and still you have that much of attitude.

Then, he handed over a blank cheque to her and asked to fill it with her prize. Anika recalls about Sahil and accepted the Cheque. Later, she sits down and started crying and Aisa Kyu…..song plays and Shivaye saw her from her car and then, leaves that place.

Meanwhile, Ishaansa returns to her house and she asked her ” whether she had meet Om or not?

She replied yes and he is a really nice guy and I don’t want to hurt him. He is already broken. Then, she recalls the words of the Om and again told her sister that he is a really nice guy.

But Ishaana’s father told her that ” no you to focus on your aim. He is a rich guy and us ned his money, so we need to be fooled him”.

On the other side, Shivaye reached his home and checked out Om making a statue. He appreciated his work and asked Om to bring his talent to the world, but Om simply refuses.

Om Asked Shivaye, how was your day? Shivaye told him that today against I came to know that money have enough power and one person was trying to hurt our family but I have settled her down.

Then, Om again asked him that ” hen why you are not happy”. Shivaye replied that ” I am happy. Is there anything I need to do to show my happiness?

On the other side, Anika was seen looking out of the window and recalling what Shivaye told him.


In the upcoming episode, we will witness that Shivaye will roll a flower pot and the flowers from the pot will fall over the Tia.

Also, all three brothers will see Anika at their home and Shivaye went to talk to her and he neglects Tia.