Shivaye holds Anika! Ishqbaaz 13th July 2016 Episode Written Updates

Shivaye holds Anika! Ishqbaaz 13th July 2016 Episode Written Updates :- We are back with our Written Update and Provide you Feed about Today Episode , So Yesterday In Ishqbaaz we left the conversion on the Episode beginning starts from Dadi , Om, and Rudra talking about Shivaye ,and Making Joke on him.

Ishqbaaz Episode Written Updates

Ishqbaaz Episode Written Updates

Ishqbaaz Episode Written Updates

Shivaye asks for the number of Priyanka’s Friend and called her friend an ill-Mannered Girl. Priyanka said her name is Anika . Shivaye Said yup whatever she is. The story goes on When Shivaye Enter in his room he found Anika in the box , Anika Begun Shouting and keep saying That don’t Come near to me, and got fainted . Shivaye Lay her on the bed and the song starts in the background.
Shivaye thought she got faint now and she is not awake as soon. He thought maybe the chip which he was finding is in the bag of Anika. But he thought that’s not good to check a lady bag without permission, But he did it and didn’t get the chip in her bag.

Rudra wants to buy a Luxury car so Om and Rudra Decided to talk about this to His Brother Shivaye, Rudra says no to purchase the car and don’t want to talk about it on that time.Because of Anika is in the room.

After that when Anika Got Conscious she began to fight with Shivaye and said you complained to police and then you kidnaped me and put me on the box.

Shivaye Asking about the chip to Anika, which Anika threw it in the Police Station. Anika said she will get you back the chip within 3 Hours.
Shivaye Said only 3hours you had to get my chip otherwise no one could save you from my anger.

So Coming Back to today Episode The Big Question Is , Is Shivaye Got The Chip?

In today episode Anika went Police Station to find the Chip , maybe she didn’t find the chip , Shivaye asking about where is the chip? to Anika. Anika Replied she didn’t have any chip . Shivaye got angry and shouted at her , and ask about the chip , Anika again said she gave him before . Shivaye asked to her whom the chip is given by her ? previously.
And asked that on how much money she sold that chip to any other person , and whats the name of that person?

Shivaye told her that will she imagine that from that what will happen with him? Anika replied to shivaye , that is not done by her and she is not responsible for that.

Shivaye Get too angry and it is going to be interesting that what is going next on Ishqbaaz.