Shravani mixes Poison in Food! Krishnadasi 23rd September 2016 Written Updates

Shravani mixes Poison in Food! Krishnadasi 23rd September 2016 Written Updates :- Now the latest crux of the TV series Krishnadasi is yet to showcase that Aradhya gets a rude shock and breaks down when a fellow inmate of her cell tells her the truth about Shravani and Jairaj. Elsewhere, Bhamini learns about Shravani’s true colors and informs her family about it. Abhasaheb is outraged and plans to expose Shravani’s charade!


Much before that last night episode of the TV series Krishnadasi begins with after wedding ceremony of Shravani and Aryan done, it is time to see the ring ceremony in which Kumudini asked someone to pick the ring.

Aryan is not at all interested to follow any rules of the wedding to see that in the wedding night Aryan did not go to her and Shravani was waiting for him. He shares his pain with Uday that how his dream to live life with Aradhya get shattered.

In the night Aradhya listen to the radio a message from Aryan that his life without Aradhya will be just lifeless. Aradhya have teary eyes now to know so. He also asked on the radio that if his fate will be support him then he will be with Aradhya together.

Next day Shravani asked to Kumudini that how on the wedding night Aryan did not come close to her but Kumudini asked to her that eventually Aryan will be surely loves you. She also gives the old fashion traditional jewellery to her.

But Shravani asked to her that she will be making new jewelry with this old fashion jewelry which actually doesn’t like by Kumudini as it is the symbol of the family. In the mean time, Aryan is shattered to feel how Aradhya compels him to marry Shravani.

Bhamani somehow shocked to know that Shravani is not pregnant, she is only doing drama of the pregnancy and she feels that Aradhya’s life is in danger behind the bar. She asked to the Rao family that Shravani is doing the drama of pregnancy and we need to save Aradhya.

Aradhya is also shocked to know the reality of Shravani and she is depressed to know that her real sister deceives her. She shares the same with Uday and Uday asked to her that he will be taking care of Aryan and her family.

Damini asked to Aradhya that she can still save herself if she admits in court that she kill Jairaj in self-defense but Aradhya said I want to stay here as if I will be here then I will be stay away from Aryan and he can live his marital life with Shravani happily.

Precap: Aryan asked to Shravani that I accept you as my wife only to give name to your children as Aradhya asked me to do so. Don’t expect anything from me as the place I give Aradhya nobody can take that place from my life.

Shravani said I have to do something unless Aryan will be keep chanting Aradhya’s name.